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Restaurant management around the world is often perceived as an easy and cozy job, a job that does not require much input and capacity. That restaurant management is a rosy and pleasurable. However nothing could be further from the truth. Restaurant management calls for the directing and control of hotel activities, fast food joints, cafes, and restaurant all manner of eating establishment. Obligations vary from establishment to establishment. However the major task assigned to a restaurant manager include purchase of food and drinks, hiring, training and supervising of workers, customer relations, ensuring safety standards, and precautions are adhered to and employee's welfare is catered for.

Restaurant management is unique from other types of management. in that the manager may be required to handle all or any roles at a given time. The managers will double up as a marketer, strategists, work everything to detail, for example ordering for flowers and even planning menus, tasks that may be looked down upon in other organizations. The fact that food and drinks are the cornerstone of the business do not help matters either as they are perishable goods. This may be aggravated further if you are working in a foreign land. Persons living and working in the Diaspora find it hard working in foreign countries compared to the indigenous people. Foreigners are met with hostility and even discriminated against. I have been no exception to this treatment working as a restaurant manager in Kuwait.

Working in a foreign country and especially a Muslim dominated country is a challenge. Foreigners irrespective of color, sex or social status are treated with hostility due to the fact that they are considered as competition by the indigenous people. The natives see and perceive them as a threat to the limited resources and values. The fact that I am female did not help matters either since women are regarded as less inferior and little significance to men. Despite the fact that women are increasing commanding more respect and equality over time stereotypes in the workforce are very much prevalent. Also conforming and blending to new cultures and traditions is a challenge although to some aspects it's interesting as I got to sample foreign cultures.

Conditions in the workplace are not favorable and satisfying. One can argue that restaurant management is in fact a thankless job. I have had to work on my feet for many hours and dealing with customers under very pressurized conditions. Dealing with customers and often tired employees calls for tact, understanding, resilience and fortitude. Due to the job requirement and nature of the work I am forced to work late into the nights and on weekends. Ironically weekends and holidays are the best in terms of sale thus I am required to be at work. A restaurant manager can be forced to do an average of more than eighty hours in a week.

In my thirteen years working as a restaurant manager I have realized that readjustment is key in an ever changing global world. Restaurant management should strive to be innovative and embrace emerging trends especially in technology. However not all is gloom about the hotel industry in that one gets to meet new people, sample new cultures and experiences. Similarly one can advance her career as the prospects are certainly high. The Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts growth and expansion of the restaurant industry .Average salary of a restaurant manager is quite decent and comes with packages such as paid vacation and health insurance. In conclusion restaurant management involves changing trends and thus new emerging ways should be absorbed in the workforce. Similarly the pursuit of skills and knowledge should go hand in hand. In equality in the workforce should be avoided.

Restaurant Management. Custom Restaurant Management Essay Writing Service || Restaurant Management Essay samples, help

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