Motivating Employees

The Maslow's hierarchy is a theory that contains five layers that form up a pyramid. From the pyramid that the varied needs of an individual commonly known as the deficiency needs are arranged in it with the largest section of the pyramid comprising of the most basic and fundamental needs and the sequence continuing to the top which will occupy the smaller section of the pyramid that's found on the top of the pyramid.

Amanda Shanks' previous employers were in several ways failing to offer her with some basic needs that are more appropriate for her improved productivity in her job some of the basic needs that she was denied by her former employer included friendship, security, esteem, and physical needs. These are the things that Mrs. shank needed in order for her to become motivated to an extent of enjoying to work the owners of the company(John et al , 2000).

The basic needs that Mrs. Shank is complaining about includes the lack of security in here job, this is clearly seen when she is told by her pervious employer that "You're just a number. You can be replaced at any time." These words by her previous employer indicated that her services were not needed in the organization as she wasn't considered as a productive employee. The employee in return never motivated her, and the other basic need that the previous employer failed to give Mrs. Shank was esteem. This was clearly seen when the employers came into the company and in the process they didn't show any interest into what was going on in the company thus they didn't appreciate the efforts of there and this never motivated the employees who in return never delivered in there work (John et al , 2000).

The things that could be done by the employer to motivate the employees is by showing that they are concerned with there daily activities in that the employer should show some appreciation to there workers. At the same time offer there employees with job security in that they should stop threatening there employees with harsh words that will make them unappreciated.

The equity theory of motivation basically states that each of the employees in the company are treated with the same amount/ level of pay, esteem, friendship, security amongst other basic needs in an organization.

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In the organization known as the flight 001 the feeling of the employees feeling underpaid by the organization. Therefore, the organization should provide the individuals with an increased pay that will march with the duties that are conducted with there employees of the company in the flight company. This includes the use of the improved technology that will definitely be used in there works. The equity theory ensures that all the employees of the store are well motivated in order to be very interested in there dairy works. Hence, the stores managers are subsequently in charge of the improved pay of the employees, in that the employees will be entitled to ensure that the employee is given the relevant pay that is equal to his delivery (John et al , 2000). At the same time the employees who are from the same scale are given the same pay that will at some point ensure that they are all motivated to deliver.

As a manager of the flight 001 stores, the individual will ensure that the individual that are working in the stores. Therefore, the manager should motivate the employees in the stores by improving the working environment of the work and this is by ensuring that the workers are well equipped with the tools that are necessary for the success of there works. The manager should also improve the numbers of the employees who will be able to work in various shifts and this will reduce the work load of the employees.

Based on the two-factor theory it states that there are certain factors that are mostly used to cause the employees feels satisfied in there job. Therefore, this theory will basically be used to describe what are the satisfaction and the dissatisfaction of the employee are independent from each other (John et al , 2000).

The hygiene factors that are associated with the flight 001 employee can be resulted in varied causing satisfaction and dissatisfaction such as providing the employees with competency, esteem and self realization amongst other factors. Thus, it must be noted that the company owner will have the opportunity to determine the work environment for there employees.

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In the video Claire Rainwater is talking about of the need for the employees who are working in the store of the flight 001 to be people who can easily develop a good rapport with the others. This will not only make the employees of the company have a good environment that will ensure that they learn to respect one another but it will also ensure that the working environment is very clean and in the process this will ensure that they are more productive as they enjoy there work.

Amanda Shank has also talked about the issue of respect; this is either from the employee and the employer. In the video Mrs. Shank has talked about the need for each the people in the store to take each person views seriously without taking for granted or even ignoring the other persons reasoning, when an employee doesn't feel appreciated by the employer this will make the employee unmotivated and eventually resulting to the unproductiveness of the employees thus making the employee feel unappreciated due to the unhygienic nature of the organization.

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