Sales Management

The communication between management and sale force can play an important role for the sale promotion of the firms. Sale force is the key role player in the sale process and it is important that they must meet their managers to discuss the new ideas about the sale promotions. Pat Brady the sale manager and Brenda find a venue to meet and discuss about the sales of this year. Pat Brady wants to give a clear indication about her performance during the last year. Pat asks the Brenda to improve his sales skills for the better results in future. In response Brenda also asks the sale manger Pat about the training program for the new sales technologies. Pat the sale manager promises with him to train their sales force with new technologies. Sales manager supervises the training program for the sale force.

Following four steps are important to develop a training program. Pat can follow these steps to develop a training program for the Brenda.

  1. Hiring of the right trainers for the training program
  2. Interview the trainers to know their knowledge about the subject matter
  3. Third step is a core which determines the development of the training programs. It includes the course of training, time frame and trainer's ability to answer the queries of the participants of the programs. Trainers must focus upon the personal development of a successful sale man and their attitudes towards the progress of company's sale.
  4. Feedback of training program provides the management to know the effectiveness of the training program. From the feedback management can gauge the weaknesses and strengths of the programs.

Today online marketing is a main tool for the purposes of marketing, sale prospects and advertising. Brenda must know about the benefits of the LinkedIn in field of the sales. LinkedIn has lot of contacts for the salesman to reach their targeted networks and avoid the cold calls. LinkedIn is more helpful for salesmen like Brenda to become the part of the Global Sale Productivity.

Due to globalization of goods, salesmen like Brenda face many challenges to fulfill the customer's changing requirements. Brenda being the part of the company can solve the problems and can add value to service and products. Brenda has known all the new techniques of sales and motivates the Pat about the performance after the conduct of training programs.



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