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Warehouse Management. Custom Warehouse Management Essay Writing Service || Warehouse Management Essay samples, help

As the operational manager, I would not follow the manager's (Virgil Ray) proposition. This is because even if the carrier does not know regarding the hazardous gas cylinders, the cylinders still pose a risk. Management of a warehouse is not all about appearing perfect but making sure that all the supplies stored in the warehouse are secure and safe. Therefore, Tim should make sure that the gas cylinders are packaged and marked appropriately before they are transported whatsoever. Since safety is vital in the warehouse, the entire warehouse supplies should comply with the safety standards. Therefore, because the gas cylinders pose a risk to the entire warehouse as well as during the transportation, as the CEO I would arrange a safety meeting with both managers. I would inform both the warehouse manager and the operational manager that the gas cylinders can pose a safety risk if not stored appropriately (James, 2008).

Moreover, I would advise the managers to research on the several gas cylinders products that conform to the safety standards which they should consider for warehouse supplies. For instance, the safe storage of single gas cylinders as well as stationery cylinders can be fastened to walls. For outdoor storage, big number of cylinders should be stored within wire mesh aluminum cylinder lockers. I would also caution the warehouse manager, Virgil Ray on the importance of always observing safety within the warehouse and avoidance of neglecting even the unnoticeable risks because at the end of the day, it the warehouse that is at the risk. Virgil should not overlook the fact that the carriers are not aware of the hazardous gas cylinders. He should put what the operational manager was proposing into the consideration. Finally, as the CEO I would make sure that the warehouse supplies company has all conceivable types of protective gear available within its catalog supplies (James, 2008).

The big deal is, even if the two items taste the same, Kwal-Mart had ordered a different item and hence American Scone & Biscuit Company (AS&B) is responsible for delivering the specific item that has been ordered. First, Donna should establish the stage of the supply management system where this error occurred as well as the employee who was responsible for packaging and marking of the Item 0001. Donna should also find out the consequential financial bearing of this action. Furthermore, Donna should determine how this action is going to affect the relationship with Kwal-Mart Company. Finally, she should also determine how many such errors must have taken place as well as the eventual business image to the other clients if they discover such errors. The most likely options available for at the moment, Donna has an option of making sure that the customer is fully compensated for the inconveniences cause and is also provided with the right order. Donna also has the option of putting the costs that Kwal-Mart incurred and as a result reimbursing the company. Kwal-Mart will prefer to be compensated for the inconveniences caused as well as to be provided with the precise order they had ordered.  On the other hand, AS&B Company will opt to deliver the precise package to the client (James, 2008).

In order to avoid such an error from taking place again, Donna should consider installing an effective warehouse management system solution which will enable her to see what inventory is, or will be present, organize work as well as align resources and labor to fulfill the requirements of the clients, optimize fulfillment as well as distribution procedures to make surethat exact items are delivered on time and in full, always.  This is because the capacity to meet client's demand through getting the right products to the right place, at the correct time, and also at the right state is an essential competency. An effective logistic system in warehouse management will result into an improved supply chain management with end-to-end implementation from order initiation to delivery (James, 2008). 

Bill Nagy is the one who says that he has to tuck his shirt. This is because he is about to meet with the warehouse manager Dan Daring. As the manager, I am responsible for the success of the entire company including job satisfaction for the employees. Therefore, a challenging employee like Frank Ruderman is supposed to be a top management priority as he can negatively affect self-esteem, workplace satisfaction, business success in addition to member retention (James, 2008).

Therefore, as the manager, I will establish some notes around Frank's behavior as well as his performance while at work.  This will be useful to stay focused more so if Frank gets defensive. After this, I will sit down with Frank and establish what he feels regarding his job and if he has any concern or matter he would like to be discussed. I will not rush into my agenda but I will be open to what he will have to say; this is because such an open conversation will do away with a lot of stress for both of us (James, 2008). .

I will state plainly the behavior I want to tackle and I will provide the evidence that was presented by Bill Nagy. In case Frank will become defensive, I will listen to him for some time to be able to collect some information and further understand how to support the employee, in this case Frank Ruderman. Finally, I will view Frank's opinion regarding the issue and assist him in getting a solution. I will also make a follow to ascertain if Frank has changed. I will let all the employees including Frank know that as their manager I am always there for them to with any of their concerns and I will support them. Therefore, I will not tell other employees to leave Frank alone but I will encourage cohesion between the employees. This situation does not require to be referred to the corporate counsel. Nevertheless, if after the meeting and the discussion with Frank, he does not change, the matter may be referred to corporate counsel (James, 2008).

I will be willing to raise the storage rate for chocolate sauce within plastic jugs to 6&#162. This is because the extra costs will cater for the low stacking during storage when compared to glass packages. I will inform Karla regarding the issue and explain to her the negative effects of ignoring any logistics' process during management. For example, if the plastic jugs went through packaging tests, such an error would not have taken place. Changing the jar from glass to plastic initially creates some distribution advantages which includes, cost saving as well as time saving (James, 2008).  

However, in the long run, the change brought about distribution disadvantages. There was a revenue loss as a result of the plastic jugs bursting and pouring the chocolate sauce. Finally, the company ends up losing a lot of money with the chocolate sauce that pours. Again, the company will incur the losses of having to reimburse Bull for the cleansing of the warehouse floor. Another distribution disadvantage is loss of communication control. Along with the loss over the proceeds the manufacturer also loses control over what message is being communicated to the final clients. The choccolate sauce loss will result into customers not getting the product they were expecting to distribute it to their clients. It also means that Dan's company is likely to lose some of their reliable clients as well as lose product importance. Dan should make sure the plastic jars used for packaging undergo through the required packaging tests (James, 2008).

Greg should plan to have a good first impression on the first day. Greg should be prepared to handle all the challenges he might face on his first day of work since he has the responsibility to be fully prepared to do his job for the position. Greg should dress for invisibility and he should prepare to ask intelligent questions regarding the position. Greg should also do some research regarding his new position. He should also learn regarding the company's product lines, their philosophies as well as the corporate culture. It would also be wise for Greg to call around to enquire if any person in his line of work is ware of co-workers (Ten, 2008).

He should also prepare to pace his work with his fellow workers and to familiarize himself with his job. Most important, Greg should list his job title and responsibilities to the extent he can as this will assist him in remembering more clearly who is who? Finally, he should also prepare himself to seek for any advice that has to do with the job or the skill, training as well as the required experience. In Red shows up, Greg should discuss with him what he plans to do next.  This refers to discipline, suspension, EAP, termination or whatever seems suitable. Greg should however consult with the other departmental managers who know Red better.

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To prevent such situations again, the company should set and implement a policy to enable managers to deal with employees who are not able to work because of alcohol or other reasons. The policy should set out the exact disciplinary actions to be taken if the employees go against the set guidelines in the policy (Ten, 2008).

I will give an honest opinion regarding Red's work ethic as well as his abilities even if negative. I will give Mounty factual negative information such as how many days Red missed, how many times he was late, the vandalism actions he carried out and the reasons as to why he left the company.  Still, I will further inform Mounty to ask Red to present his previous employment recommendations before hiring him just to make sure that he is the right person for the position. Moreover, it is not illegal to give negative information as long as it is factual but it is illegal to give false positive information regarding Red (Richards, 2011).

If I am Frank, I would just inform Mounty that he needs verify Red's public record in order to verify the information that Red provided in his applications. I would also advice Mounty to make sure that he compares Red's resume against public records because some of the job applicants can purposely hide some information from their potential employers. I would further advice Mounty that Red could have left out some information that could be used against him. On the other hand, I would not openly tell Mounty regarding Red's vandalism and other negative activities while on the phone but would instead advise him to further dig into Red's past before hiring him. I would also advise Mounty to keep on probation before deciding to sign a contract with him. Apart from protecting the company's future, verifying that Red is right person for the position is very important since he will be required to handle very sensitive business transactions (Richards, 2011).

Warehouse Management. Custom Warehouse Management Essay Writing Service || Warehouse Management Essay samples, help

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