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Leaders are the people who can show the path to the mass for the betterment. Leadership qualities can be inculcated within an individual, but it has to be generalized within the mass. The leaders must be taken as a leader by the mass and that is the important quality of an effective manager. Compared to earlier times, conventional ideas regarding manager and leadership have undergone a great deal of change. Earlier people used to widely consider leadership and managerial both are such qualities that cannot be inculcated; rather a particular section of people inherit those qualities. Every leader has his or her way of leading the mass.

For any managers there are few qualities which cannot be compromised and they are leadership competences, coaching, teaching, motivating, monitoring, mentoring, developing own tactics and developing other to climb the organizational ladder. For a particular service based company the leadership qualities of the managers are very much vital as they have to take care of the fellow employees and at the same time they also need to look after the level of customer satisfaction generated by the fellow employees. It is very important to understand for the service managers that the tangible effect of a service based product doesn't have immediate effect over the customer, the customer experience the real good factors of the service after he or she buys the product. So, the selling of a service oriented product is much more difficult than a tangible product. And, that is the reason a service based manager must have a great leadership quality to motivate his or her employees to sell the products and at the same time he or she is also countable to motivate the customer to rely on the service to be sold by the company.

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There is another very important point to be focused on, and that is the openness to accept changes. Change is inevitable; a great manager must have the acceptance power to allow the positive changes within the organization. Accepting changes makes a manager distinguishable in a positive manner from the other managers (Topping, 2005, p 75). There are many leadership models which are very much effective for the managers in different levels. Few of them are dynamic aggressive, dynamic assertive, dynamic supportive etc. However, the dynamic aggressive model is basically for the CEOs who follow the dynamic leadership style which leads the mass. However, is has been seen that dynamic aggressive leaders are bit dad in listening skills (Glanz, 2002, p 21), they don't want to listen to others they think their way of thinking is the best possible way of thinking. The best model would be the dynamic supportive model in which the managers must have great listening skills which would help them to understand the necessary requirement of the employees to motivate them to generate more effective work.

For recruiting the effective managers the above written qualities are very much important and, for the service oriented products the managers must be more effective as they work as the face of the company. There are some questions which must be asked to the candidates for the managerial post. And these questions are based on few factors and they are, motivating power, leadership quality, ability to train employees and ability to create good working environment. Based on these factors few proposed questions are written bellow.

1.      How do you manage the attrition rate within your team?

2.      How do you control the sustainable growth of your team?

3.      Are you ok to work on weekend under any emergency?

4.      What are your leadership qualities?

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5.      What is the best motivational tool you have in you?

6.      How would you tackle the internal conflict within your team?

The above written question are very much important as with the answers a recruiter can understand the mind and leadership quality of the candidates and the best answers would fetch the perfect manager for the organization who can generate good employees and lead them for the success.


Leadership is a quality which are always debated to be in-borne or taught. However, understanding the real leadership talent needs some long time. So during the recruitment some negative aspects can be neglected from the given answers, but the factors written above must be focused on to hire the manager who would be the leader.

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