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As we approach the second decade of the twenty first century, innovation is also becoming a vital strategic driver for every organization.  As a result, companies must remain innovative to ensure that they remain competitive and successful. According to (Brown, 2009), innovation is the capability of solving vexing problems in a reproducible and unique way.  Since organizational growth and success is dependant on how innovative an organization is, hiring of an innovative team of employees with diverse talent is imperative. The best way that innovation is constant in any organization, hiring of young, newly-graduated candidates with an interest in innovation is a must. This can be attributed to the fact that old ways of conducting business have become ineffective and obsolete.

Unlike the old-guard, young and newly-graduated employees are able to challenge the status quo. By questioning the authority and routines, this group of employees can confront assumptions and provide solutions. Through young or newly graduated candidates, organizations will maintain constant innovation because young candidates with an interest in innovation are able to combine available knowledge with resources not utilized before.  Considering that youthful and newly-graduated candidates have just completed school, they are self-motivated. They are also committed to learning, and this ability enables them to respond to the inner needs, and as a result, they proactively initiate new projects. Moreover, they direct their youthful energies towards goals they care about.

Armed with fresh ideas, extensive field experience, training, and out-of-the-box thinking, youthful and newly-graduated candidates usually take risks. This quality of an excellent innovator allows them to go beyond their comfort zones. They focus on vital problems by trying to establish opportunities within them.  Extensive field experience makes them non-conforming and experimental, and when they fail, they are ready to learn from the feedback. After studying the feedbacks, youthful candidates tend to spend more time trying to formulate the problem comprehensively before attempting it again.  Unlike other candidates, young and newly-graduated candidates are very curious. This makes them flexible and adaptive to an extent of opening up to change and serendipity. Apart from enabling them to adjust game plans as needed, curiosity also allows them to actively explore their working environment to find out any loopholes that need to be filled.

Sambrook, Baregheh & Rowley (2008) assert that since technology is changing constantly, hiring young candidates who can withstand the pressure of complex and difficult subject matter is vital.  Unlike the old guard, young minds have the capability of analyzing problems, conducting research and producing solutions in tight situations. This can be attributed to the fact that young people are tolerant to ambiguity. This enables them to tolerate chaos, entertain paradox and explore many ideas. To get the best outcomes from innovative youths and newly graduates, organizations should separate them from the main organization's interference. This will ensure that the candidates dedicate all their time in developing new technologies and products that would enhance competition.

Despite the fact that constant innovation is inclined on hiring young and newly graduated candidates, existing candidates must be part of the new innovation. They will act as guides to the new recruits because of their inexperience (Allen & Henn, 2006). Existing staff will ensure that an organization's innovation culture is maintained and practiced for more years. Even if the young and newly graduated candidates operate independent of the main organization, they will need some information about the organization's performance. This information should be provided by the old staff because they understand the organization's needs. this means that although it is advisable for organizations to hire young and newly graduated candidates, they also need to keep some experienced staff for guidance.

Innovation. Custom Innovation Essay Writing Service || Innovation Essay samples, help

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