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Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information


Good communication skills are necessary for the success of any business. In any business operation, a business owner indulges with people of different opinions and their own beliefs. Such people may include the employees or customers. Thus, how effectively one can communicate with other important individuals in the business will determine the eventual success of the business. In addition, an effective means of conveying or passing across information creates a good relationship between the business owner and his customers (Alyson 1997).

The students portray a weakness in their communication skills. For instance, the mode of expression occurred immensely poor. Their connectivity with the potential customers also occurred poorly. They were not in a position to send clear and vivid information to their recipients. In addition, they showed some level of hastiness in perceiving and reacting to the information received. Thus, the results were quit poor since they did not possess the right information.  

To portray better communication skills, the students require applying the effective verbal skills. This means that they need to choose the relevant words in their communications. Secondly, their way of using paraverbal messages should occur perfectly. The way they say their word matters a lot. Lastly, their body language in business communications should occur non-provocative. This may raise eyebrows concerning the legibility of the business and hinder the success of the business (Deborah 2005).


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In the efforts to improve and develop the communication skills, one applies their strength and concentration in order to get full details from the other party. During this process of communication, a psychological connection is required. Moreover, one must possess the capability of seeing ideas from a different point of view. Communications should also involve the suspension of judgments and extensive evaluation (Julian 2000).

SWOT analysis stands for the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a business. It includes a fundamental tool for developing communication skills. This tool is instrumental since it gives a clear display of both internal and external factors that may possess impacts on the progress of the business. Communication within and out of the business can be evaluated and improved using an effective SWOT analysis.

In this case, the capability of a business may face a challenge due to the poor communication skills in the business. Thus, an adequate procedure of improving these skills should be put into place. However, the general outcome of the SWOT analysis program should match with the requirement of the business. In this case, the communication skills should improve in order to promote the business success plans (Mary 2012).

Poor communication skills occur as a weakness within the company. Therefore, the solution to such a problem occurs within the hands of the business owners. This happens since communication is an internal factor in any business. The business managers and owners should always ensure that barriers to communication within and outside the business are avoided. For this to occur, verbal communication needs evaluation and improvement between the employees and customers.

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The main objectives of improving communication skills involve ensuring that the business possesses and maintains a sustainable marker. In addition, this improves the talents, abilities and opportunities of the business owner and their staff. Furthermore, a business owner is in a position to identify other weaknesses in case this activity is put into practice earlier.

A good plan towards instilling good communication skills among students involves training them on the required communication skills in any business. Sensitization on the importance of these communication skills occurs as another fundamental procedure (Peter 2001). This would help in enhancing the customer trust in the business and the goods or services it offers.

A sample organization that will occur in this study is UNISON. This occurs as one of the companies, which effectively uses internal and external processes of communication. These communication processes help in maintaining a good basis for interaction within and outside the company premises. In this organization, there exists a good system of channeling information from one employee to another. This constitutes internal communication. The company possesses a transmitter that sends messages from the sender to the recipient. The message is simplified in a process known as coding. Thereafter, it is transmitted to the receiver on the other end. On reaching the receiver, he or she decodes it accordingly and finally, retrieves the message. The organization put into use the technological advancements in order to ease the internal communication. The messages in the transmitter may be coded in the form of e-mail, website or even a letter. However, it is crucial to note that there exists no guarantee that the message will reach its recipient. Errors may occur in the process of transmission. In addition, there may be some faults in the way the message was coded into the transmitter. Moreover, such a method of transmitting information within this company helps to reduce ‘noise’ that may destruct the smooth operations within the company (Sarah 2000).

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Internal communication occurs within a company. On the other hand, external communication transpires between and organization and its outside world. The UNISON Company applies a number of methods of effecting its internal communication. First, it involves its member in workshops. This improves the participation and creativity of the members. Second, the company also enhances communication using an in-house magazine. For instance, they possess the Inside Out magazine that gets distributed to all the members of staff. This magazine outlines the challenges encountered by the employees and other related issues. It also includes matters concerning pay and the general progress of the organization. This information keeps all the members of this company informed about matters pertaining to their company. Lastly, the company also forms policy groups. Such groups help in the implementation of policies within the organization.

UNISON as a company also possesses a vast external link. The company possesses numerous branches in various areas. Thus, an effective mode of conveying relevant information to these branches is fundamental. Information that may need conveyance includes pension matters, conflicts and legal matters. This company uses its website extensively to convey and receive information from the outside world. Therefore, this improves its connectivity with the outside world. In addition, it uses booklets and leaflets for such external communications. In this way, the organization manages to gather relevant information on health and safety within the company.

The efficiency of communication occurs as one of the routes towards increased profitability of any organization. This happens since a company in which the communication skills appear high both internally and externally possesses much ease in carrying out its activities. A number of guidelines need to be taken in order to ensure the efficiency of these communication skills.

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First, the company management should review the current situation of the matter. Here, the company would realize for sure how much alteration should occur in the improvement of communication efficiency. A good and reliable method of finding out the organization’s efficiency includes gauging its general performance with other high performing companies. This is crucial since the success of any organization begins with the mode in which its members communicate among themselves and with the outside world. Communication occurs as a tool that helps in selling the company either positively or negatively to the outside world.

Since the problem occurs in the communication skills, the necessary solutions should occur. To that effect, the company’s management needs to seek a list of lucrative methods of communication that it can apply in the improvement of its operations. Therefore, some of these forms of communication include the use of the internet in carrying out both internal and external communication. The internet provides a quicker and more efficient method of conveying information. Messages that get sent through e-mail reach the recipient in the shortest time possible. In addition, this mode of communication is cheaper for an upcoming company. This occurs since a lot of time gets saved; thus, time is maximized and profit margins also increase.

The use a transmitter also occurs as lucrative mode of communication within a company. The transmitter happens as an extremely silent way of communication. This is fundamental for an organization since the noises that may occur inside the company are immensely evaded. Moreover, it also acts as a faster way of communication. However, this system of communication bares no guarantee that the messages reach the recipient. This occurs since the coding of the messages may occur poorly; therefore, distorting the information before it reaches its receiver.

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Another good method of effecting communication includes the use of in-house magazines and journals. These tools help in the easy circulation of company information within the company. Furthermore, it enhances the privacy of the company’s information; in case, there occurs delicate matters included in the magazines. Moreover, the employees attain a good opportunity to air out their views in written form inside these magazines and journals. This allows for a silent way of airing complaints and suggestions without causing unnecessary noises within the company. For instance, the employees may possess complaints concerning low salaries and would like for their complaint be forwarded to the necessary authority. This step can well be taken if an in-house magazine exists.

Report on a Suggested Business Plan

It occurs easier now to plan and work out a lucrative business plan since all the management of communication and information skills have been looked into. With this information in mind, it occurs easy to start up any kind of business. This occurs since all measures that help to avoid risks and threats to the business are well-known by the business owner.

In this report, a good suggestion of a business includes Chicken Inn. A food-based business faces a higher likelihood of developing and expanding if the necessary management of communication, knowledge and information is put into place. In order to ensure the consistency of the business operations and positive achievements on a daily basis, several crucial decisions should occur. Moreover, an upcoming business requires that good and well-thought out decisions be made. This happens to ensure that the business evades collapsing in its early stages.

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Before any decisions occur, one should possess the relevant information first. This will help them in making decisions based on the relevant information. The performance of the company will also be determined by the kind of decisions that occur in its management. Failure to make the right decisions may lead to large losses incurred in the business. When making the decisions in a business, several strategies need to be used in place. The business should possess some access to an advanced level of training. This helps in increasing the expertise in the business. Next, the business should possess adequate access to high-quality data. This appears as one of the major strategies in decision making since it helps in saving a lot of time in the process of decision making. In addition, the business owner possesses the relevant information about the business, his competitors and the external environmental business situation. Sound judgments need to occur in the process of decision making. Since the decisions made also tend to affect the running of the business. Intuitions should occur in the most appropriate way. In making business decisions, the trust of the employees occurs as a fundamental factor. It occurs crucial to involve them in every step of decision making in order they know how and why these decisions are implemented.

Another fundamental decision that should occur in the Chicken Inn organization includes the existence of only one supplier of the chicken on a daily basis. A lucrative supplier will possess the tender of supplying the Chicken Inn with chicken meat daily. This would occur vital since a long period agreement about supply may result in the discounts to the business from the supplier. Thus, a good relationship would be developed between the supplier and the business management.

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Since the business includes an up-coming one, the number of employees would be small at first. As the company continues to incur more profits, the number of works would increase. In addition, the business will start by offering a minimum amount of salary since the business is in its trial stages. With the continued existence and development of the business, the minimum salaries and wages would encounter gradual increments.

In the decision making process, flexibility occurs as a key factor. Putting in mind that the world includes a wide range of ideas and views, one should be ready to alter decisions in order to suit the current situation of the business. In this project, the decisions forwarded by the other members of the organization would count. The methods and systems of gaining relevant information are based on the connectivity a company possesses with its external environment. Therefore, the business should operate from a more volatile environment. This allows for the quick and effective transmission the relevant information, which helps in effecting efficient decision making processes.

A good way of seeking and interpreting the information sought occurs fundamental. The business requires carrying out consultations that would bring in more information to the business. Moreover, all the decisions made must eventually affect the long-term and short-term goals of the business positively.

For the appropriate decision making strategy, relevant stakeholders should be involved. Stakeholders include groups and people who possess a certain level of interest in the organization and all its activities. They possess a fundamental impact on the decision making processes in any organization. The stakeholders that would occur in the decision making process in the Chicken Inn include consumers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers. A good way of making contact and developing a good business relationship with these stakeholders occurs as a necessary step.

I would first hold meetings with the stakeholders on different occasions. These meetings would aim at improving communication skills amongst the groups and the company. In addition, the methods of preventing disputes in the future would be discussed. Furthermore, common visions would occur that suit all the members or stakeholders. Formulation of solutions to present or any future problems would also arise. The terms and conditions of the business that affect these stakeholders would also be reviewed to suit the entire group. This would ensure the smooth running of the business.

All the relevant information would pertain to the efficiency of the shareholders would get linked to them in the most appropriate way. The consumer and customer view of better service and goods production would get reviewed through a series of interviews. In addition, their suggestions would be put into consideration.

Several approaches exist for the collection, formatting and dissemination of information and knowledge in this study. The company employs trained individuals on the named skills to carry out these activities. In addition, facilities that offer them with more training on their fields of specialization also exist. This enhanced training would enable them to perform this activity better; thus, ensuring the company’s eventual success.

A strategic plan is necessary for the implementation of all the research on information done. Some of the changes that should occur in order to ensure an improved way of collecting, formatting, storage and dissemination of information appear below. The process of collecting information involves a vast system of activities. Several methods can apply in the efforts to collect information for the company. First, the information can be retrieved through consultations. Such consultations are retrieved from the relevant individuals who may possess different contributions to the business. The consultations require necessary inquiries concerning the company’s future growth. Collection can also occur by the use of Internet. The Internet also provides relevant information that may occur useful to the company. Information based on other related businesses would also occur useful since it may reflect of the future trends of the company.

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The knowledge on formatting the information occurs vital too. Formatting of all the gathered information occurs as a fundamental procedure. This happens in order to possess a systematic appearance of all data collected. The data can occur in tables or charts. These statistics provide a summary that can easily be accessed by the members of the company. The formats made may get stored in computers for future referencing.

The process of storing information occurs as a crucial factor to any business. Small-scale businesses like the Chicken Inn require a reliable storage system of any data collected. Good storage of information occurs as a vital procedure since it is significant even from a lawful part of view. The way a company stores its information also gauges its reliability since stored information may be required in the future for making references. There exist several modes of storing any information collected within and outside the company. Mostly, companies used files and archival repository facilities in order to ensure the permanent existence of information. This allowed the organization to retrieve the information whenever need arose. The information stored in these archives may involve customers, products or the employees. However, with the current advancements in technology, most organizations opt for electronic methods of storing information. Data stored electronically proves more reliable and faster to access. In addition, such a method of data storage proves more secure since the information is not easily lost or distorted. There should also exist an amount of flexibility in case the information should encounter correction and updating. The information stored should also appear in a systematic manner. This enhances the ease of retrieval of the information whenever the system requires it. With the proper storage measures put into place, the integrity of the organization gets enhanced.

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Another vital stage of information management includes disseminating it. The success of the business also depends largely on the methods used in the spreading of the information to the external environment. The external environment may constitute mainly of the customers. The information reaching them should inform them about the features of the services or products the company offers. The customers should also know why they should purchase those particular products. Dissemination of information can occur as a way of advertising the company’s products or services. The distribution of information can occur by use of tools like telephone, letters, brochures or the website. The timely storage and dissemination of information occurs as a crucial strategy in success of the business. There exists a timely achievement of the business financial missions and goals when information gets timely and efficiently stored and disseminated. Moreover, the effective dissemination of information helps in several other ways. First, it helps to reduce the numerous cases of poverty. Second, it allows a company to occur globally competitive and creates wealth. Third, it provides education to the members of the company and the public. Finally, it assists in creation of job opportunities. Moreover, when a company’s information is well-stored and disseminated, the income gaps get closed and there occurs an expansion of the trading opportunities. The living standards of most people are also improved. Since this particular stage of information, management occurs crucial to the success of the business, better methods of formatting and storage should be applied. Thus, whenever the information is required by the system, it can be retrieved easily and in the required format.

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In conclusion, the methods of managing information in any business matter a lot. The way a company or organization carries out the processes of collecting, formatting, storing and disseminating its data determines its future well-being. Thus, all types of businesses should put into practice the effective methods of managing their information. This activity occurs vital in all kinds of businesses, for instance, the small and medium sized enterprises. Communication skills also need upgrading at different levels of development of a company. The company’s communications methods internally and externally determine its probability to succeed. Relevant training and provision of in-house methods of communication helps in effective communication. In the decision making processes, all relevant parties should occur, such as: stakeholders like the employees and the shareholders in the company. As such, they should display trust and commitment to all the activities of the company.



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