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Manager in a Leadership Role

Part A

1. The five things a manager in a leadership role must do to ensure their performance and behavior meets organization requirements include; motivating his employees to work hard by increasing their salaries. The second step is that as a leader, a manager should build a team to accomplish the objective of the organization. The third quality a manager should embrace is to prove the capability of leading others to represent effectively his managerial position. The fourth step is that a manager ensures his behavior meets the requirement of the organization when he improves his skills as a communicator. The manager as a leader improves his communication skills through practice by informing employees concerning the vision of the organization. Lastly, a good manager should be able to manage finances by spending less, and making more profits to ensure that the organization runs for a long time (Cameron, 2008).

2. The five positive attributes of a good leader include; honesty it instills key value, and ethical behavior among the team members in an organization. A good leader should have the capability to delegate duties to create an efficient and organized business. The key to delegation is realizing the strength of the team based on what they like to do to improve their efforts. A sense of humor is vital in a leader because; it instills positive energy and creates a healthy working environment. The fifth positive attribute in a leader is that he should be confident by maintaining morale among team members by solving issues whenever they arise to enable the organization to move forward.


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3. It is essential for a leader to model appropriate behaviors to act as a role model by maintaining integrity, and ethics in the organization. This kind of behavior result to creation of culture by focusing on customers and building teams that perform quality work. It also inspires other individuals in the organization to focus on achieving high results.

 4. The five steps to manage issues and problems within an organization are building a project team. This assists to develop an approach of consulting by communicating and receiving feedback to assist the organization to move forward.  The second step involves using a structured problem solving method which incorporates a logical way of developing solutions. This approach is beneficial because; it provides variables and enables parties involved to understand root of the problem. The third step is to be able to define the problem, because it leads to raw materials that successfully trace its roots. To manage issues efficiently in an organization, there is need to identify the problem, narrow it and implement effective solutions. Lastly to face issues in an organization, there is need of planning and executing the matter to find the best solution.

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5. In performance management, employees can achieve a work or life balance when the company provides a medical plan, and a good salary to enhance motivation. In balancing work or life, the workers become more committed and productive to the company hence; creating competition to other companies. 6.The five steps to consider when setting performance standards is to first identify the overall goal of the organization to work towards accomplishing it. Step two is to assess the key outcome areas to be in a position to work on weak areas to boost standards of the organization. Step three is to identify the level of performance in the organization and set clear objectives, which all individuals can meet to enhance high performance standards. Step four is to ensure that the standards match the current job, and the employee to favor the new recruits to catch up with the organization system. The fifth step is to focus on results and not activities when setting performance standards. This leads to satisfactory feedbacks from team members or clients that they did the job in a correct manner.

7. The key performance indicator KPIs assists organizations to meet their goals and objectives when they direct a business in determining their marketing metrics. KPIs are vital in a way that they foster marketing in management, and guide businesses to reach its full potential.  The significance of organization to have ethical consideration is because; it leads to moral responsibility and embrace ethical principles that assist to resolve ethical problems. 8. Ethical considerations benefit the organization when they focus on promoting rights to freedom of expression to individuals within the organization. Ethics in an organization impacts its public image when it enhances positivity in team work and increases productivity of the organization. For instance, this is evident when strong employee teams contribute readily to success of the organization on basis of values that exists between them and the managers.

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9. The three internal information sources that a leader uses in making decisions include; the organizational mission statements. Leaders use a mission statement to make decision on how to serve customers and access products and services. Company policy also assists in decision making when by providing guidelines which govern the manner to address the business situations. The formal structure of the organization also plays part in making decisions by determining how information flows within the organization and the changes that evolve.

On the other hand, three external sources that a leader would use in making decisions depend on the behavior of customers in determining product decisions. In addition leaders also focus on suppliers as an external source in making decisions by determining the amount of products or services to order. The competitors within the organization scope of operation assists in making decisions when the manager boosts the standard performance in the organization to overcome the competition.

10. In decision making process, graphs is the other form of tools aside from flowcharts, which assist in generating solutions by exhibiting the range of problem through figures to assist in determining the solution it requires. 11. In decision making another tool apart from brainstorming that can be used in decision making is communication across the organization to enhance ideas from different members. 12. A leader could encourage participation in decision making process by communicating to team members in the organization. 13. The problem I encountered at past job is that the company paid low salaries and through communication, we reached an effective decision. 14.  A leader should be honesty, have courage and be straight forward when communicating decisions to employees because; they will take it serious and improve their work quality. 15. It is vital to evaluate implementation and impact of decisions to foster team work and increase performance standards in an organization.

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Part B

In case of a situation where a procedure failed to work correctly in an organization, the appropriate leadership styles be used is asking workers for new ideas, and plan on creating a new procedure. 2. The key performance indicators a frontline manager should apply include; increase the number of employees in a case where he operates a large business that sells food and drinks.  3. As a frontline manager the sort of data I would gather to explain trainer’s behavior and performance is his or her skill, experiences, and work progress. This would be from internal sources because the trainer will be handling the organization issue. The process I would use to gather feedback from trainer is through supervision and assessment of recorded data  4. Based on Mary’s scenario, she would ensure her performance meets organization needs by cooperating effectively with staff members to maintain work standards. The code of conduct could assist Mary by instilling in her good leadership skills to manage the staff.  For Mary to be a positive role model, she should be brave, and a good communicator to interact well with the staff. To develop performance plans for staff, issues be addressed are promotion among staff in leadership positions to enhance motivation. To report on performance, Mary should apply key performance indicators KPIs such as testing customer’s response to services to reflect business progress.

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Part C

In leadership, model, high standards of management, performance and behavior apply when as a leader I commit to activities of organization to achieve our goal. 2. To implement a performance plan to achieve this, I would delegate duties equally to all workers to enhance efficiency. 3. To maintain the organization image, I would ensure that leadership is on basis of honesty, and work hard to foster integrity. 4. Concerning informed decision, I would gather them from staff and customer’s behaviors to assist the organization to accomplish its missions. 5. To implement and monitor decisions, I would use leaders from different departments to help pass the message to entire staff.

Part D

1. I agree that in a team, each member must work towards a common goal and vision because it assists in maintaining standards of a company and provide competition to other organizations. Skills mapping reflects main employment expertise by creating relationship to each other. It defines a person’s role in a team through evaluating his experience in relation to needs of the organization. Shared visions reflect on thoughts and concepts, which managers shares with employees. Team goals should be smart to assist the organization to maintain its standards and to foster employees to work hard. A team leader unites a team and establishes a shared vision by instilling good values in staff such as problem solving to achieve the business goals.

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2. The methods used to gather information concerning an innovative team is through recording via graphs, flowcharts and checklists. 3. The there Fs of communication focused, frequency and factual can demonstrate understanding in an organization by instilling cooperation between the management his team. For instance, this happens when the team gives correct information about the company progress. 4. Setting ground tools in a team is vital because it enhances cooperation and examples range from keeping time, honesty, hardworking, collaborative, and innovative. 5. The advantages of encouraging a team to resolve problem is to find quick solution because team members are aware of the problem. 7. It is vital to reward team members who make valuable contributions in an organization to motivate them to work hard in future. 8. It is important to challenge and test ideas in a team because different views end up with solution that can solve the problem. Three tools to measure organization performance in a team include graphs, pie charts and flowcharts to measure progress. 10. The two examples of feedback that are useful when collected include information concerning resources to be able to determine whether to add new stock in the organization.

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Part E

IKEA’s goals relate and influences objective of their employees by enabling them to apply innovative skills to work hard to satisfy the customer’s needs. IKEA’s vision contributes to effectiveness by providing quality services that satisfy organization and entire society. 2. Its visions influences standards set b y team members by motivating them to work hard.  Based innovation refers to translating idea into a good or service. 3. Innovations at IKEA intend to design beautiful furniture at a low price to attract more customers. 4.  Analyzing the IKEA organization, it is evident that it embraces diversity however; in a team unsolved problems can be solved by proper means of communication between leaders and workers.5. Furthermore, the follow up actions that needs to be taken is for managers to ensure that workers commit themselves to work by reporting earlier, and finishing their duties in time (Giuliani, 2002). 6. Conflicts within a team can be positive when there is open communication between mangers and the staff. Conflict within a team becomes negative when members from both parties fail to arrive at a final solution that can solve the problem. Conflicts well managed can lead to team cohesion when members identify a solid solution that can assist to lead the company.  

Part F

Operational plan is linking strategic goals, and objectives to meet tactical goals while a business plan is a formal statement, which incorporate business goals. 2. For an organization to operate effectively it has to incorporate resources such as raw materials, working team, and finances. 3. In a manufacturing organization the input process for resource use is increasing the production of furniture to increase organization returns. 4. An example of operational plan and how it can increase performance in organization is to recruit more labor to enhance job efficiency. 5. To create an operational plan an organization requires sufficient finance, labor and resources.6. A graph is a display tool used to make operational decisions by accounting for the organization progress by checking the figures. 7. To measure operational performance the KPIs used are finance, labor and resources. 8. Contingency planning is important because it enables an organization to plan ahead its future events.  9. The factors which contingency plans should identify in a business include; business goals, government regulations, profitability, and considerations such as employee’s welfare. 10. The questions to ask when developing resource proposal include; who is the supplier? How much is the business going to invest? Payment to supplier? Will resources arrive on time? The information needed to support resource proposal is availability of suppliers. 11. People are organization’s most valuable resource because they determine returns of the company. 12.  The criteria used in supplier selection process include; previous and past experience about the product. 14. The next criterion is if product supplied meets regulatory requirements, and the availability and willingness of supplier to be a partner with the organization. 15. It is vital to record data in business operations, three types of data be kept on record include customer records, contracts and proposals. 16. To determine best supplier I would consult managers from competitive organizations to provide ideas. 17 Maintaining accurate records improves performance by ensuring that the organization runs on basis of transparency (Robbins, 2005).

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Part G

1. Analyzing the scenario of the sales section of the furniture company, the actual figures reveal that each unit of lounges, dining tables and beds will sell at a price of 800, 500 and 700 dollars respectively. However, the actual figures do not show that lounges and beds would not go for 600 and 750 per unit respectively. According to the case study Hitachi consulting on global food provider-sale operation and provider, the operational problem that faced the organization is when it lacked sufficient resources to increase their production in sales.

2. Hitachi consulting gathered, analyzed, and organized the required internal and external data and information essential to formulate plans to solve the problems by enforcing strong communication between the management and employees in the organization. In addition, they used leaders from different departments to gather ideas from workers concerning their perception of the problem. The organization consulted work groups because it needed diverse opinions from each share holder concerning the situation. Through proper communication across the organization, different views generated a solution where they decided to increase the number of suppliers to sort the issue.   

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Part H

In regard to data from operational department at the global high tech manufacturing company, operational problems are those issues which affect the efficient manner a company should run. An example of such an issue is the poor supply chain operations, which tend to increase inventories and slow down distribution of products. The operation plan can be adjusted to improve performance by focusing on strategic goals of business hence; maintain standards set by the organization to avoid competition. The short term targets that the organization requires to achieve, and improve performance is to form partnership with specific suppliers to ensure that they supply sufficient resources by increasing their product sales such as LCDs to reach a wide range of customers, and in an appropriate time.

The resources required to implement the above recommendation include; availability of finance, labor and sufficient raw materials. In order to acquire such resources, there is need of creating strong relationship with suppliers to ensure that they provide reliable services in time to enhance the progress of the business. To acquire the resources in an effective way, a variety of things need be done such as enhancing strong basis for communication with suppliers for continuous services. In addition, the manager should be in a position to allocate sufficient funds when it comes to resources to avoid inconveniences in paying suppliers their dues. The leader or manager of the organization is responsible of ensuring that he establishes a mutual relationship with suppliers to allow resources to reach the organization in time. Preparation need be done early to avoid delaying employees, and increase productivity in the organization.

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For instance, in the global high tech manufacturing company, I will monitor the performance to ensure it improves after the completion of recommendations by identifying a strong supply chain. This will foster progress in the company by increasing inventories, and product distribution. I will also ensure that I put in place accurate records that exhibit data of the company to increase sale opportunities, and revenues of the company. In this case, reports that would be helpful include; performance and operational reports. The reports will play a significant role of tracing the activities of the company and identifying its areas of weakness. Reports further assist to figure out solutions that can enhance high standards in the organization.           



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