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Organizational behavior focuses on how individuals and groups behave within an organization. An organization consists of individuals who all work together to achieve common goals and objectives that management puts in place. The main goal of an organization is to provide their target market goods or services that offer satisfaction. Very many factors determine how different individuals behave within an organization. Management should ensure that they offer favorable environments and duties to all employees. Organizational behavior tools are important because management understands the employees and to improve employee behavior in order to ensure job satisfaction. The management also uses these tools to know how best they can offer employee motivation for the achievement of goals and objectives. Management can tackle organizational behavior in three ways i.e. individual behavior, group behavior, and the system of organization (Stephen, 2009).

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An individual's behavior is very important to the effective running of an organization. Management should be keen to identify an individual's character traits and strengths. This is in order to utilize them for maximum positive result. Management should know the values of everyone in the organization so that they can tell if they fit in the organization. An individual's behavior also assists management to know how they react when exposed to different situations. They can also tell the varying emotional levels of different employees and the correct motivational techniques to apply. This is important since management can tell how they perceive different ideas and their ability to make sound decisions. Management can also identify employees who are willing to learn, those who are quick to learn, and those who are willing to change in line with the organizations' requirements (Barry, 2000).

Group behavior is also important for management to know how to organize employees into workable groups. Teamwork is a very important concept applied by management for the achievement of successful results. The management identifies individuals within a group who possess leadership traits and their capabilities to accomplish results. Group behavior also determines how to achieve effective communication for successful results. Management is also able to tell how employees in a team negotiate and arrive at decisions that are in line with an organization's goals. For successful results, the groups should be able to formulate strategic plans and activities for implementation (Stephen, 2009).

The organizational system should offer a structure that covers all the departments of the organization. It is also very important for the system to offer technologies that can be relevant for effectiveness and in the achievement of goals and objectives. Human resource should formulate policies, rules, and regulations for implementation in order to make certain that the organization is run smoothly. These policies establish the foundation of the organization's culture and form a basis for all the actions practices carried out. Management can also apply the organizational system to manage stress within the organization. Stress is an impediment to success and management should apply all its efforts to eliminate any form and source of stress (Murray, 2005).

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Organizational behavior is a growing trend that management requires to apply in order to experience positive results. It is important for managers to use organizational behaviors to ensure success of the organization. Managers should also understand the theories of organizational behavior, which include the system theory and the classical approach. The system theory views the organization as a system, and every section has an important duty in the growth of the organization. Classical approach focuses on how managers enact authority. Managers may opt to use legal, authoritative, or charismatic approaches in order to attain results from employees (Conor, 1995).

Management involves various activities, which include controlling, planning, leading, organizing, and coordinating. Managers should work hard to ensure that they provide necessary resources for organizational activities to take place. A manager should be prepared to offer solutions in case of any problem that could occur. Managers are also responsible for the process of organizing individuals and their functions within an organization. A Manager's duties and responsibilities are very broad; therefore, it is very difficult to narrow down the meaning of management into a few words (Conor, 1995).

A manager should possess leadership skills that require him or her to manage employees in an organization. A manager should be able to identify what the human resource is capable and incapable of doing. To check for efficiency the manager measures this against the organizations goals and objectives. A manager should also be able to work effectively with people, and this involves intensive team building. A manager does this by encouraging employees to air their views, offer creative suggestions and encouraging them not to be afraid to make errors. The manager should work hard to understand every member and ensure to offer assistance when required. Managers should also be efficient when it comes to decision making. They should be accurate, fast and leave allowances to make change (Stephen, 2009).

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They should also be flexible enough while listening to different opinions before making a decision. They should carefully look into every aspect of an issue including advantages and disadvantages before making any conclusions. A manager should also possess good communication skills. This is important especially during a presentation of any information. A manager should be conversant with the language used within the organization and he, or she should communicate with eloquence. A manager should be careful about the choice of words in order to ensure miscommunication is not experienced. The manager should also listen to the views of employees and offer positive responses (Barry, 2000).

In conclusion, a manager's role in an organization is very important, and managers need to approach their duties with a lot of attention. Organizational behavior goes hand in hand with management in order to ensure smooth running while working to achieve goals and objectives. A manager's most important resource is the employees, and there is a growing need to understand their different behaviors. This is due to the different people from different races, tribes, cultural beliefs, and ethnicities that have to work together. This is also important because employees need to work in comfortable environments that encourage job satisfaction.

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