Disseminating Evidence

The first thing that is supposed to be taken in account is the audience who are nurses. The strategy of dissemination of the proposed project will be diverse as the audience that will be dealt with are educated making it easy to use different methods. The strategy that will be used depends with the main purpose that is meant to be addressed which is the stress in nursing field.

Effective dissemination strategy

The first strategy that will be applied in the project dissemination is effective multi-level leadership and management. This means that there will be developed goals that are on how to deal with stress in the nursing field after Hurricane Katrina. There will be developed shared vision among the group that will be used in the dissemination of the project to ensure that the required message is gotten to all nurses having the same objective. The group that will be disseminating the project will have stable consistent leadership who are committed to the success of the project (Harmsworth & Turpin, 2000).

Climate of readiness for change

According to Harmsworth & Turpin 2000, for appropriate dissemination, there is need for implementing and embedding innovation that requires several changes at structural, cultural and personal level. This is in preparation of good climate that will ensure the change that will be brought by the recommendation of the project about how the nurse should do to revert a stress that was caused during the calamity. This favorable climate can be created through accommodating reflective critique of the project and the issues discussed therein, supporting risk taking in the process of dissemination, having responsive system that still dynamic. The group is also to value educational quality and enhancing teaching and learning in the dissemination process.

Resources availability

In meeting the required dissemination of the project, there will be strong innovation and ongoing access to the required resources. Enough human, financial and infrastructures resources will be offered to ensure that the project is well disseminated to the targeted nursing fraternity, government and the whole public as they each hold a stake in stress management at different levels (Harmsworth & Turpin, 2000).



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