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In a corporation, a chief security officer (CSO) is a top leader responsible for developing, implementing and managing the corporate security vision, programs and strategies. He/she directs the members of staff in identifying, implementing, developing, and maintaining security details in an organization. They respond to incidents, limit the corporate exposure to risks and liabilities in personnel, physical and finance departments. A CSO establish the necessary standards and risk controls that link to intellectual properties of the firm.

It is the concern of every business to produce at low cost. However, the problem of consistency and ability to cope with the budget is a problem to many businesses. Each department operates its own budget each year. All budgets are prepared some months before their time is due, so the estimates made by the budgeting team are a rough estimate of what production may be. Projects to be budgeted are those that have the potentiality of being accomplished. Each budget should allow for flexibility and not so fixed allowing for small changes in the course of production.  Along the way, there are some of the complications that need be addressed for us to achieve our target. To ensure strict observance of budget, monthly performances of the department should be analyzed and deviations corrected. This process of positional control budgeting helps the department in operations control and to ensure the result is as required.

Security measures are precautionary procedures taken towards preventing possible damage or dangers. In an IT environment, there are various factors to be considered on data security. These are; whether the system can have existence of backup in case of emergency, the secrecy and personnel adaptability to existing technology.

When implementing basic security measures, there are some questions we need to ask ourselves and which might be hard to answer. If you are the system administrator for a certain company, you need to realize that security breaches have been in the increase at an alarming rate over time. Therefore, business security is not just something that but something that must be done. The IT department should be at a high alert to keep the information safe and free from any external or internal threat. Some of the practices that need to be implemented and strictly observed are on the issues of policies, people, process and technology. By safely monitoring the said areas, it is believed that every organization can successfully manage their security risks.

Criticality is the proximity in which a project is far away or closer to the critical path of a given project. The critical index is any value between 0 and 1 that is used to show the degree of criticality. This process is mainly used by CSO as a procedure of risk analysis to estimate which tasks are more critical than others.

Risk avoidance strategies

These are risk management techniques that entail taking a positive step towards a hazard, engaging in a different activity and hence ending a particular exposure. It is thus, a risk management strategy that can be applied selectively with the intention of reducing external and internal threats.  It may require stoppage of certain entrepreneurial activities for instance; abandoning a given line of production may lead to a firm avoiding all the risks associated with that line. In a milk-processing plant, we may stop to produce ‘fresh milk’; this strategy will help the company to avoid all the risks surrounding the product.

Chief Security Officer. Custom Chief Security Officer Essay Writing Service || Chief Security Officer Essay samples, help

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