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Everybody in his working place can attest to the fact that at one point in life they yearned to acquire certain positions of authority at their place of work. However, these positions come with a considerable amount of pressure that may drive individuals into arrogance. However, the fact remains that your subordinates are the major force that drives your success as a manger. Treating them well is a must and this validates a thesis statement that implies that all bosses have to be friendly, respectful and smart.

This can be achieved by thinking about all the previous bosses he served under and copy their good example while avoiding their bad side. In short, he should treat others like he wants to be treated. Together with having to focus the core performance of his juniors and not their definitions of personalities, a good boss always outlines the tasks he wants completed and gives the desired amount of autonomy to his subordinates in doing the work. In addition, he clearly points out the areas he feels are of importance and need much consultation and is always willing to offer help. While administering his duties, the boss must always remember that he is dealing with human beings and thus treat them in a manner that is friendly and humane. For instance, it should remain clear that workers have a physical being that is vulnerable to diseases, emotions and fatigue. This means that workers should not be overworked, denied a sick leave or access to their emotional life once in awhile for a healthy approach at the work place (Varada, 2009).

A good boss is known to identify and reward employees when they excel in their duties and will always refrain from hiding such information. In hiding such information some managers thus direct the due credit to their advantage and thus emotionally demoralize the respective worker. This behavior is short of good leadership skills that demand recognition and rewarding of assistance and malfunctions in relation to the genuine performance by each worker. The announcements should also be done at the most appropriate time like in the annual meetings in front of other corporate figures. The issue of giving value to time factor and the corresponding issue of respect also plays a great role in shaping a good manager. Wasting his subordinates' time during meaningless summons is hereby discouraged in order to avoid irritating the junior staff and further affect his performance for the day (Varada, 2009). 

It might seem improper but the boss should realize that to some extent he is an assistant to his junior staff and should strengthen this area of concern. Here the boss is supposed to offer help in terms of complicated matters arising. Without proper knowledge and proven skills on the matter at hand the boss is bound to fail in demonstrating leadership skills that are good for the company and for his future image in the eyes of his subordinates. He should be conversant with the basic applications and have a clear copy of where to get assistance should the matter be too complicated for him. It is actually better for him to admit to lack of knowhow on certain issues other than give false information to his juniors. In being smart he should also let his juniors work specifically under no tight supervision according to the pressure mounted by the piece of work given. This avoids the monotony of consultations on small issues and boosts the confidence in the subordinate.

The attributes of a good boss therefore include being up to task and displaying professionalism with a humane approach. It is from these attributes as discussed above that we validate the thesis statement that implies that all bosses have to be friendly, respectful and smart.

To sum up the whole issue a boss should realize that he should learn to motivate his workers all the time and avoid violent confrontations and dictatorial remarks since they just destroy the relationship even more. This goes hand in hand with learning the specific capabilities and motivation of every employee. On the other hand he should be ready to take official responsibility should something go wrong in the workplace and also reward his juniors for their achievements. However, in doing all this it should remain clear that he is the leader and should pinpoint the failures of certain workers if need be. Here it should not revolve around being in charge but having the capability of displaying leadership skills (Brodrick, 2007).

A good boss avoids being too harsh on his workers and only does the confrontations at the most appropriate time while praising his juniors only when it true and not just a motivational drill. On the other hand the boss should form a habit of updating crucial company information from time to time leaving the subordinates with the most valuable information at hand. Above all the boss should form a wall around which his junior workers feel secure having known that he confides in them and recognizes them as humans. It has been proven that most managers displaying ignorant and dictatorial behavior fewer chances of making it since they greatly affect their workers' peace of mind. Therefore for a good working environment is dependent on the manager who in turn depends on the magnitude of support he gets from his team. Having the above rules followed properly there is bound to be a complete and rewarding environment for everyone and the manager and his staff can enjoy thereafter.

How to Be A Good Boss. Custom How to Be A Good Boss Essay Writing Service || How to Be A Good Boss Essay samples, help

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