Influencing Employee Productivity

There are numerous ways to influence employee productivity in the corporate world. The most common is home-friendly program for parenting workforce. Others include telecommuter schedule, adoption assistance and child referral services. Different employers have varied means of employee motivation to influence their productivity. However, the main goal is to make the workplace satisfactory to the employee. Job satisfaction is contentment of an individual in his or her job. The tendency of an employee's satisfaction with his or her job depends on motivation. Other factors influencing job satisfaction include: management style, involvement of the employee and a flexible work position. Job satisfaction can be viewed in a broad context of the various factors which can affect the quality of working life of an individual. Other major factors that affect job satisfaction are such as the well-being, flexibility at work, home commitments and working conditions (Scott & Ronald, 2008)

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It is upon the employers to come up with strategies that are bound to bring forth motivation to their employees. It is unfortunate that the family friendly program does not give expected results as promised as family friendly benefits do not apply to every one. This poses a challenge to employers as the question of equality merges. Since workforce is turning unmarried year by year, the situation is unlikely to be ignored. According to the newest U.S census bureau data, the figure of unmarried workforce fluctuates around 50 percent annually for example 50.3 percent fluctuation in 2005.The trend of increasing unmarried workforce has led to advocacy organizations putting forth their concern what they view as unjust  treatment by employers ,government and society. This tunes the employers' consideration to rule out marital status from workplace characteristics. As time clocks, more of the workforce is bound to be single. Therefore, it is unfair for an employee to apply home-friendly program as way of motivating the employees.

It puts singles on the job for long hours since they have nothing that qualifies to give them some hours off like their married co-workers. The singles have to be in to do work that their married co-workers cannot. The situation mounts pressure on employers to provide a singles' friendly culture at the workplace. Due to the fact that singles have no home commitments they need a social inclusion at work place for them to feel a sense of community. Companies have opted to diversify their benefits in an attempt to end the tension between employee groups and improve recruitment since the rift between the singles' and married couples undermined the morale of a singles' workforce as they are not entitled to many benefits as their co-workers. However, with the labor market having over nine millions people out of work  companies need not to offer varied benefits in order to retain or attract workers. The benefits went beyond what the market could cover. However not all jobs are suitable to situations where family friendly program adoption is needed (cranny, smith& stone, 2002).

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Due to fluctuation in health care costs some companies dropped non-essential benefits such as adoption assistance, scholarships and referral services. This was in a bid to save costs. The once popular telecommuter in the workforce is threatened by elimination as many employers find telecommuting to cause resentment among office bound workers and weakening corporate loyalty. Some employers who are interested in the credentials of an employee do not hire telecommuters. A good number of enterprises have supported the telecommuters who favor flexible schedules. But many companies now prefer to allow the known professionals only other than newcomers, to telecommute. Other employers have put stumbling blocks for telecommuters to be. Job seekers looking for flexibility as telecommuters face frustrations when they come to learn that the advertised jobs are not as flexible as many companies tend look for employees working side by side in the office and exchanging ideas. The number of people working from home has declined over the years and there are very few who are being recruited for telecommuting, the figure has almost reached a constant (Marjana, 2006).

It is somewhat a hard task to keep employees motivated in times when the enterprise has low gains .It is only by ensuring that the employees get a reasonable share of the companies' gains and their salary increments that will keep them dedicated vigorously to their jobs. Employers always find themselves with the task of tailoring programs of employee benefits according to the changes in the labor market. Recently job security is a major concern unlike in the past when there was inadequate workforce. Today's smart companies try to hook their employees emotionally with activities such as management retreats, special awards and provision of assistance with elder and dependent care. The modern labor market is so different and less flexible from the past when the corporate carpetbaggers moved from job to job, earning huge paychecks and a lot of choices along the way (Sandi, 2007)

In most cases it the expectation of the employer that incentives given to employee will boost their morale and improve their productivity. Diversified employee benefits put all employees under one umbrella regardless of their personal life thus no one feels overburden or isolated. The reason why some ways undertaken to influence employee productivity do not give the promised results is because they do not cut across all groups of workforce. Some incentives such as bonuses according to number of sales could good a great deal (Kerry, 2007)

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The various programs designed to influence employee productivity should be critically analyzed before they are implemented to avoid creating a rift between different groups in the workforce. It the responsibility of the employer to come up with a diversified program that suites all employees. This would improve productivity and employee commitment to their work.

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