Human Resource Management

1. Case summary and description. What are the most important elements/topic areas of the case?

Joe MacIntosh had been selected by Professor Maggie Neale for one of the restricted scholar internships at Northwest University. At that time he had just finished his second semester. He had no earlier full-time job practice and he assumed this will helps to get a high-quality experience in his profession. For this internship program, he was instructed to contact Bruce Johnson, at IRC.  Bruce was the personal manger of the company and set up a meeting to talk about his two-month summer intern project. The company produces computer systems mainly to settle insurance claim. The IRC employs near about 100 citizens. Bruce explained everything to Joe and also what Bruce needed Joe to achieve for his internship, in their first meeting. During their second meeting, Bruce offered Joe the fifty-cent tour of the place to make him acquainted with their functions. After that he sent a memo to each and every supervisor, asking for their complete cooperation. But the supervisors were unwilling to support Joe. By the end of eight weeks and numerous long nights, Joe proudly presented a packet of descriptions and specifications to Bruce, who expressed his thanks to Joe for his pains. The main aim of Bruce is build up the job specification and job analysis it is mainly because he thought that one of the main inadequacy in IRC's personnel scheme was the lack of any kind of job analysis. The lack of this creates various legal consequences.

2. What are the most important theoretical concepts linked to the case? Explain the concepts and their relevance?

Various theoretical concepts are associated with this particular case study. Job Analysis, Job Specification and Human Resource Management are the important three concept used in this study. These are the important theoretical knowledge that every organization must possess in order to handle their employees efficiently. It is the one of the primary instruments of the personal management. In this case study, Bruce is the personnel manager of the company. Job analysis helps to identify the duties and responsibilities of a particular job. job specification sums up the essential features required for an acceptable level of job achievement. It attempts to explain the essential qualification required for carrying out the work successfully. Having a correct process of job analysis and conducting this exercise in a regular manner is the duty of the personal manger of the organization.

3. Who are the stakeholders involved in the case?

Bruce and the 20 supervisors are the main stakeholders in this case. IRC is small company consisting of about 100 employees. Bruce had joined IRC 15 months back and his aims was to bring together job descriptions for every of the 20 distinct work places at IRC and get good professional experience. On a broader perspective the management of IRC and the organization itself are the other stakeholders.

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4. Problem definition and analysis of the case.

The main problem Bruce noticed in this case is the inadequacy of personnel management system in IRC. He heard that lack of such system will creates various legal consequences to the company. He also sent memo to every supervisor to assist Joe but supervisors appeared unwilling to help. Instead of complaining, Joe had intended to speak with every the supervisors first. Besides, the holdup in setting up interviews encouraged him to start interviewing job incumbents.

5. What purposes can job analysis hand round at IRC?

Presently IRC has no job analysis so that absence of job analysis in the company leads to various legal consequences to the company.  Job analysis hand round in the IRC helps to recognize and find out in detail the job responsibilities and requirement and the relative significance of these responsibilities for the specified job.

6. Why did the IRC supervisors "stonewall" Joe?

Joe considered that supervisors will provide the most excellent data in writing up the work description. But the supervisors appeared reluctant to assist Joe. They frequently canceled interview congregations among Joe and delayed the rearrangement of meetings. This is mainly because they have different opinion regarding the job description.

7. Why do the supervisor and employee perceptions of the job incumbent job differ?

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The supervisors were unwilling to cooperate with Joe. The perception of the supervisors and employees about the job may change after preparing the new job analysis and being familiar with the specification of the job. The workers' perception about the job may vary if the management establishes new job and specification.

8. Generating/evaluating/choosing solutions. How would you undertake the job analysis project differently?

A job is defined as a set of duties and liabilities which are specified jointly to the workers. "Before counseling an employee on a current performance problem, a number of background considerations need to be addressed" (Beaumont, 1993, P.94). The main problem for preparing the good job analysis is the dissimilarities in opinion over their job duties. Job analysis project must be undertaken very carefully by way of discussing with each and every subordinate and other stakeholder. The differences in opinion may lead to contradictory results. So it is the duty of personnel manager of the organization come up with new ideas and discuss with every associate about this. Proper job training must be given after preparing the job description.

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