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Global Mindset


The environment of all the businesses that exist today is shaped by technological, economic, cultural and political variations. The changes are called globalization which is characterized by increased availability of goods and services, increased mobility of capital, easier international travel, privatization of government monopolies and increased mobility of ideas and people. For TRU manufacturing company to deliver high value to its customers, it needs to mobilize its employees to acquire the global level know-how. This is achieved through having the global mind-set. This essay describes the global mindset and how it can be used in an organization. It also discusses the benefits of using the global mindset in an organization.

Global mind set

Global mind set is defined as what is needed in a global role in which the managements of various organizations require to enhance their adjustment and adaptation to the varying environments and to enhance their ability to effectively work in the international or global arena. It involves the scanning of the business world from a wide perspective, looking for the unexpected opportunities and trends to achieve the set organizational objectives and combining the awareness of diversity across the markets and cultures. The development of global mindset is facilitated by globalization and it yields a competitive advantage within an organization and in the entire world (Bhatawdekar S. 2010). The functions of global mindset to organization managers are means of structuring the global reality and providing for the right management behaviors such as the formulation of interpersonal skills and global vision.


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The intention of taking any organization into new international markets is a good one and it has many benefits associated with such an expansion. The benefits include recognition in greater market and access to more revenue opportunities and success comes as a result of research, careful planning and dedication. The employees of an organization are supposed to create a global mindset every time when making decisions of venturing new global markets. This starts from the identification of the international leader in the organization who can assist in enhancing the expansion and the establishment of programs that attracts top global talents with better skills to facilitate success.

In the situations without the global mindset, the managers and employees are faced with the challenge of limited capabilities of absorbing and processing information hence they fail in dealing with the ambiguity, complexity and the dynamic nature of the environmental information in their vicinity. To avoid the above scenario, the individuals in an organization should collectively join their mindsets through various interactions and improve their decision making power in an organization. The right mindset in an organization leads to new experiences that changes the members' mindsets, leads to the change in processes through which the organization members meet and interact, leads to a change the power of the individuals and leads to the change in the mix of the members of the organization such that the new members/employee have completely different mindsets relative to the outgoing employees. When developing a sound organization mindset, the following factors are very important.

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i. Focused thinking: All the members of the organization are supposed to zero in their businesses and the relevant business requirements and have a big picture because they cannot be able to make the business successful if they have scattered mind whereby they are involved in many activities at the same time.

ii. Be ready and willing to take risks: The organization members should be ready to take risk in for them to realize more rewards from their business. Taking many risks helps the business to realize much success.

iii. Be passionate: The members of the organization should find the passion for their business and apply it in carrying out their business. The members who are highly committed and driven to realize success in their business effectively embrace the ideas that are directed towards success.

iv. Think big: All the organization's managers and employees should think of the business' big picture and all the matters associated with the business and avoid concentrating on the past exhausted thoughts.

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v. Being creative: The success of the business is determined by the degree of creativity and innovations. For instance, the members are supposed to look for solutions to different situations facing the organization (Lee A.)

How to use global mindset in a company

Employees who are accustomed to designing various initiatives and products for their local markets and require global solutions should change their approaches and start thinking global right from the ground. The company management and employees need to prioritize on development and management of talent, thought diversity and innovation. For instance, diversity should be relegated to the human resource field which concerns the fair and transparent hiring processes and desirable corporate citizenship. If the members of the company stick to the old fashioned diversity it will finally lose its competitive edge and reduce its creative potential. Since we are in an environment characterized by rapid globalization, the company's diversity should incorporate a wide spectrum of attributes which are very powerful in encouraging and promoting innovation such as education, culture, personality, life experiences, generation and skills.

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The organization should develop an important culture of giving a chance to all members to bring their various perspectives to the common table and encourage diverse thinking that brings about sound positive shifts in the organization. In respect to this, the managers should nurture the talent spectrum, get the right mindset which involve the leadership transformation and having thoughts on what it takes to realize the complete organization culture shift, anticipating the big things through leveraging the thinking diversity and abilities of discovering new products and services and engaging in healthy clashes that contributes in boosting the energy of the organization. In using the global mindset, the managers and other leaders should involve cultural sensitivity which incorporates the support for various organizational and the ability to learn from the past failure (Tuley J. 2010).

The use of the global mindset in an organization can be facilitated by exposure to diversity, having curiosity about the world and a commitment to become better in the world market, having an explicit articulation of the current mindsets and having a good attempt to establish a perspective that involves the diverse cultural and market knowledge strands. The curiosity about the various works of the world will reflect the attitudes and individual personality makeup elements. The greatest secret lies in the choosing of the right employees and managing the demographic makeup of the organization and the organization should develop a corporate advantage in the degree to which the employees try to develop the global mindset. To achieve this, the organization should employ people who have the curiosity about the markets and cultures and give promotions to the employees who have displayed the spirit of having the desired curiosity. For instance, giving promotions to employees who values the global mindsets experience and global minds implies the significance of openness to markets and culture (Jadivan M. et al).

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The global mindset is enhanced through people and environmental interactions. The current employees' mindsets determine their various environmental interpretations and they need an approach that facilitates new learning. Therefore, the organization should accept the alternative reality interpretations that exist in the world as it enhances learning. The organization managers should cultivate the self consciousness about the current mindsets through articulating their subject domain beliefs and conducting an analysis to compare how different organizations and people tend to interpret the realities. This will help the managers and employees to uncover the current mindsets that are buried.

An organization can enhance its exposure to diverse market culture and knowledge through building of diversity in the composition of the employees of the company and facilitating the building of knowledge at the individual level. These two approaches are ideal for multinational organizations (ERNST & YOUNG). An organization can cultivate knowledge about diverse market and culture through the following mechanisms.

  • Participation in the cross border businesses
  • Utilization of the diverse locations for project meetings
  • Expatriate assignments through which the organization's employees learn about other markets and cultures
  • Formal education through seminars, university based education, self study among others
  • The immersion experiences in foreign cultures which involves sending the employees abroad for extensive learning. The cross-border transfers create international relationships that provide the managers with rapid access to information and other relevant resources.
  • Dispersing the organizations' unit headquarters to strategic locations in the world

Benefits of using global mindset in an organization

The global mindset has a value of enabling an organization to combine the speed with accurate responses. Through global mindset, an organization can be able to become a diversity prisoner and being intimidated by market differences and more especially makes the company to reinvent things in all markets in the world.  Through global mindset, the company can be able to have an insight into the local market requirements and build cognitive bridges across the company's global capabilities and experiences. The global mindset enables an organization to become more proactive in learning from innovation of products and benchmarking which are outside the home country's borders. In addition, global mindset enables the organization to become more alert on various issues such as the entry of foreign competitors into its local markets (Gupta A, Govindarajan V & Wang H, 2008).

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In an organization, the global mindset has a positive impact of internalizing of the form per se. It facilitates the decision of the organization in such a way that it ensures the commitment of more resources to the foreign markets and also sets the internalization to higher levels. For example, an organization that has maximum mindset will derive its revenues from many foreign markets and operate in these markets very profitably. The linking of the mindset with the objectives of an organization is an interesting issue as it will lead to the achievement of the set goals and facilitates future research (bBNET). The managers with the global mindset are able to recognize the benefits that come to their company from valuing and encouraging the people's cultural diversity not as members of the cultural groups but also as the organization's individuals.

The other benefits of the global mindset to an organization and managers include provision of ways to look at their business from different perspectives, provision of the keys to the secrets of competition of the world customer market, enhances global negotiation techniques which leads to positive rewards, gives ways of attracting the international customers who have never heard of the company, creates super creativity through the better cultural diversity management, it facilitates the various action systems that pushes the an organization a head in the global market share and assists in finding out why the leading organizations think the way they do and their success.

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In conclusion, there is need for the companies to cope up with the rapid changing business world. The changes are associated with the positive development potentials. Therefore, the managers and employees of the organizations should be in a position to learn how to realize and exploit the emerging opportunities. To achieve this, the organizations should make use of the global mindset as the best weapon because it involves the scanning of the business world from a wide perspective, looking for the unexpected opportunities and trends to achieve the set organizational objectives and combining the awareness of diversity across the world markets and cultures. The members of the organization need to prioritize on development and management of talent, thought diversity and innovation.

For instance, diversity should be relegated to the human resource field which concerns the fair and transparent hiring processes and desirable corporate citizenship. Global mindsets have   several benefits that enhance the required business growth. Some of the benefits include provision of the keys to the secrets of competition of the world customer market, enhancing global negotiation techniques which leads to positive rewards and gives ways of attracting the international customers who have never heard of the company. The employees and management of TRU manufacturing should use the global mindset to enhance their market position in the global market.



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