Project management and strategic planning

Project management supports the idea of strategic planning by ensuring that there is proper management, guidance, and control of resources within an organization. It must be noted that strategic planning is concerned with the determination of how different resources could be allocated and used by various departments or the organization in entirety. Therefore, project management supports strategic planning by ensuring that these resources are located, guidance is offered to users, and there is proper control of the use of resources with the organization. It ensures that there is effective monitoring of the different resources as they flow in and out of the business hence supporting strategic planning.

According to the Project Management Body of Management, one of the key areas of knowledge in project management is integrated management. Larson & Gray (2006) asserts that this area entails the areas that must be done effectively in order to ensure that the project performs according to expectations. It ensures that all the vital parts of the project are coordinated in an effective manner that would automatically ensure that is delivers the required results. It is significant because it ensures that all the projects that are being pursued are done to their fullest. The role of this knowledge area is to ensure that the project is completed according to the set targets.

The project is significant to the organization because it ensures that the goals that are set by the organization are achieved in the shortest time possible. Larson & Gray (2006) observe that it ensures that the organization is consistent in its operations that are always aimed at improving the different areas of the organization. Therefore, it ensures that there is the improvement of the entire image of the organization. The project life cycle helps the organization determine the effectiveness of management in managing the different projects. It ensures that the organization is able to measure the organization is able to understand the nature of the management involved in the management of projects.



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