Challenges and Opportunities

An organization and community can effectively operate when an environment of peace, safety and productivity is created. Such environments can only result when we have leaders who embrace integrity, competence and vision. Proper leadership can only be acquired through experience and not from knowledge which is acquired in the class. The many negative things which are occurring in our communities and society are as a result of ineffective leadership therefore there is need for solving the daily challenges that occur besides utilization of the available opportunities. Today's leaders are supposed to be able to sustain an environment which promotes success and these cannot be possible if the community and the surrounding environment fail to accomplish their duties effectively. Leaders have a responsibility to bring out the needed results in whatever setting they may find themselves in. in an organizational setting the business environment keep changing all the time because of the many issues arising in the world therefore leaders and board members are obliged to change in order to operate effectively (Senge n.d.).Issues and OpportunitiesMoral decay is what characterizes our today's communities and societies therefore it's a challenge to the society to shape the morals of its people. The society and the communities are not meant to raise a generation of young person who evade responsibilities; people who are lost in drugs in the name partying or having fun. For this reason as a society or a community there is great challenge of raising people who are morally upright; persons who do not go forth and do things which are considered by many to be against the norm. Some of the challenges facing today's leaders include trustworthy, diversification of the team, creation of an environment which promotes full participation and accountability as well as effective time management.Communities, organizations and society are faced with the challenge of creating an environment which is conducive for expansion of people's capacity as an essential element in obtaining the desired results. An effective environment is the one which nurtures expansive and new thinking patterns which pave way for collective aspiration in order for continually learning of people to occur. One of the most common challenges facing these various groups is gaining the flexibility and adaption as well as productivity in case of change. Therefore these issues can only be effectively solved when the organization or community initiate a way which can effectively capture the capacity of people to learn as well as their commitment under all circumstances. Despite the fact that all people can learn their functioning structures are not always conducive and as a result their commitment is not usually captured. As human beings most of the times we fail to identify the guiding ideas as well as the tools which are essential in understanding the underlying situation and condition (Senge n.d.).

For this reason it's important for our communities, societies as well as organizations to look for strategies which can be used to change the mind of the people in order to solve the issues at hand. One of the most important aspects to many people is the experience gained in taking part in a big progressive team. Individual re-creation is very beneficial to organizations as well as individuals. One of the opportunities which can be explored by these groups is individual re-creation besides generative and adaptive learning because through them the emerging challenges can be effectively overcome. This learning varies in various categories because communities and societies at times fail to acquire advanced technologies which are easily employed by organizations.There are numerous opportunities which may be exploited by leaders, organizations, society as well as communities. For instance a leader can decide to serve as a volunteer in order to gain experience which is very critical in developing good leadership skills. Besides that currently people often go back to school to acquire additional knowledge therefore enrolling for part time courses is very beneficial to a leader in the making because leadership is an evolutionary process. On the other hand the community and the other organizations greatly benefit from people who are out to make a change in their society. Being able to work effectively in a team is an opportunity that can be ventured into because the world is looking forward to people who are team players. Many opportunities to develop and become successful people are usually blocked out because many people have a tendency of thinking that whatever they have acquired is sufficient. Therefore it's important for people to stop thinking that all they have is sufficient and adequate to take them to the next height (Senge n.d.).

Importance of Servant LeadershipIt is important for people to seriously embrace the available opportunities of getting more knowledge because knowledge is power. Servant leadership is a powerful tool in realizing important opportunities which are essential in leadership as well as organizations and communities. Servant leadership is a growing aspect in all dimensions of life and in this docket leaders are called to serve. This is because great servants are the ones who develop to true leaders. Servant leadership helps one to become flexible, and responsive of the needs of the people surrounding them. There are many opportunities that result from serving because one is able to develop the virtues that are beneficial to the community besides that experience is acquired. As one minister to the community opportunities for further learning for instance scholarships can be obtained (Grizzell 2008).Contemporary leadership models and theoriesLeadership models are categorized in a number of theories for instance the trait theory whereby a leader is defined by the traits which he possess. This theory postulates that leaders are naturally endowed with special distinctive qualities which give them an upper hand in many things than the rest of the people. These qualities are essential in exploiting the available opportunities as well as solving the issues which have been discussed. Issues can be effectively solved when there is proper understanding of roles which are played by the traits of a leader. The traits which are possessed by a leader create the needed preconditions for proper leadership. Trait theory is an effective leadership model because of its capabilities of quality identification as well as its impacts on situations which a leader may be facing. Bureaucratic theory is another essential leadership theory. Learning activities are promoted for instance through trait theory.By the fact that excellent leaders are made it's important to realize that there are values and believes which are put into practice. There are many qualities and values which are essential in good leadership. For instance for a leader to influence his workers into teamwork of high level he must possess some important values. Skills and knowledge of a leader are greatly influenced by his values, character and beliefs. For instance process leadership theory gives room for interaction and observation factors which can help the other workers to a great extend. Proper communication is very important in effective leadership and solving of the underlying issues. Trust and confidence are very important factors in leadership besides effective communication. A leader needs to be trustworthy and in a position to effectively communicate the vision of the group. An effective leader is an individual who has confidence in himself in that he is able to encourage his heart.

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