Verizon Communication Inc.

Verizon Communication Inc. is an international leading provider of communications service. It was formerly referred to as Bell Atlantic Corporation and it was incorporated under the laws of State of Delaware. In relation to the number of customer, Verizon is a leading wireless service provider in U.S. because it provides the communication services all over the United States.The objectives of the Verizon Communications Inc. are commitment and diversity. The company stresses so much on diversity to the communities that they operate in and their commitment of the people that they work with. Verizon communication has a vastly diverse workforce of nearly 223,900 employees. The company celebrates the differences in their employees and embraces the distinctive backgrounds of the people in the company. This has helped the company to lead the way in communications companies. This would help to revolutionize the methods they use to do business and to exceed the expectations of their customers. The diversity goal has led them to win awards from several companies (Hoovers 2010).Verizon communications is devoted to generate revenue growth by ensuring high resources are given to higher growth markets. In regard to market share gain, the company is aiming to be a market leader in providing the data communication services and wireless voice services especially in the United States. Their main goal is expansion in order to meet the demand of their consumers. The other goal is increasing the operating margins and income with the aim of improving their profits. The revenue that Verizon's Communication Inc. had in the year 2009, totaled to $107.8 billion. By the end of 2009, the company had become the most reliable wireless network and served more than 32.6 million ace lines and approximately 9.2 million broadband connections globally. This shows that the goals and objectives that the companies have set to reach have positively impacted on the company. The leadership therefore has set goals that are reliable, efficient and effective (Will 2009).

Verizon has two reportable primary segment that include Wireline and Domestic Wireless in which it manages and operates as strategic big business segments and they also organize services and by products. The Domestic Wireless segment deals with services and products that include data services, wireless voice and all other value-added services and equipment sales across the United States. The Wireline communication services include internet access, next generation internet protocol network services, voice, network access, and the long distance services among others. Verizon communications provide the services to carriers, businesses, consumers, government customers both in the United States and also globally. Verizon Communications Inc. markets and produces its product in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Maryland as their primary states. Other secondary states that they relate with are Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Texas, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, Indiana, Oregon, Indiana, and South Carolina. Verizon Communications has its headquarters in New York. Apart from US, Verizon carries out its operations in more than 150 nations/countries which among them include Japan, Denmark, Dubai, Korea, Ireland, France, China, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Switzerland, Holland, and Britain among others (Market Watch 2010).

Verizon Communications Inc. believes in work teams because whenever all employees are termed to be talented, diverse, and ambitious achievers who have positive energy that drive them. The company is made up of a collective team of the diverse professionals. These individuals have unique perspectives and experiences and this gives the company a competitive advantage over all other competing companies. The employees are encouraged to embrace and respect that what has brought them together was their uniqueness and the collective knowledge and mindshare base (Market Watch 2010).

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