Characteristics of a Successful Leader

A leader is a person who influences others to accomplish the set objectives and directs them in the way to achieve it. Mahatma Gandhi a historical Indian leader has successful leadership qualities.A leader is conversant about the strategy and direction of the state. He can see the big vision that the followers are not able to and directs them in successfully executing it. A leader is the one who works with people and influence them to achieve what is intended. A leader doesn't dictate others to do what he wants. With deep knowledge of what is going on, the connections throughout the state, company or organization and the ability to effectively communicate to all people, he influences and sways them to achieve the objective together with him.A successful leader is the one who drives change. He is a change agent who should adapt to changes very highly. He takes changes positively and is able to perfectly incorporate it into the work of the state. His followers are able to seek direction from him for change and help them work towards the change.

Mahatma Gandhi had a vision of leading Indians to independence without violence. He communicated the same to the people and showed them how they were going to achieve this. He worked with them and answered their questions. India led gained its independence peacefully. He influences me to be a successful leader by using strategies that have not been used before, seem imperfect and yet successful.



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