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The Morality of a workplace in modern organizations comes from the leaders of an organization. Morals are expected standards of right and wrongs in regard to acts performed by individuals. One of the moral rights of the company should adopt is treating employees and other people with dignity. Every person has dignity or self worth which must be respected. Companies should not abuse people or act against their will. The company shouldn't advance at the expense of the people. This follows what Immanuel Kant once used to say that humans should not be treated as a means but an end. The other moral right is that the company should identify the sense of community, common values and the common good for all which leads to moral principles of care, compassion and concern for the employee and other people. For example a company should care for its employees and the general public should not be harmed in the course of its operation. Distrust of leaders by employees and other people occurs when the morals of a company are wrong. This distrust arises in a company when the managers seek to serve the owners and themselves. They do not serve the community, employees, environment or even the customers. They lie and do whatever it takes to raise the shareholder value. This is one of the moral wrongs of a company. Erosion of trust occurs and the excitement employees once had is turns to skepticism, alienation and disengagement. This causes the work of a company to suffer since the motivation of employees and performance declines. The second moral wrong is managers failing to consult the employees in making decisions pertaining to them. The decisions are made without the bottom-up feedback. The decisions thus are less desired and followed by the employees.

Honorable Justice Potter Stewart quote thus was right since many acts good or wrong acts committed by managers just require the will to change but most of them may find it hard to the right thing since they are guided by their own selfish demands and needs.



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