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One of the problems that have been identified at Club IT business is its inability to manage its customers' needs. In this regard, the current status of Club IT does not allow advance booking by its customers since it has no proper mechanism in place to deal with orders from customers. In this regard therefore, there is a need for this business to introduce Customer Relationship Management tools to manage these customers. As a result, this business has to employ several IT solutions to meet these challenges.Another problem that was identified at Club IT is the management of its employees and resources. From this website employees' portal, there is only information that is related to the assistant manager while other employees are left out. Similarly, there is no perfect record of Club IT tangible assets while at the same time the information that is given on record-keeping by this business is not consistent and therefore difficult to follow (Chorafas, 2001). Consequently, there are challenges in regard to tracking down of employee personal information, the growing assets and tracking down of financial progress in this business. In addition, communication between different departments has continued to be a challenge in Club IT as there is no clear way of communicating between different departments.There are different resources that Club IT has. In this regard, Club IT has a business space of 6,000 square feet. In addition to this, Club IT has a sitting space of 220 people at a go. The 6,000 space is divided in such a way that 600 feet of this is a dance floor (Club IT, 2010).

There are also other resources that Club IT has. This include a bar that has four pouring points and a kitchen that allows its customers to have short order meals. In addition to these, Club IT has a merchandise shop that sells customized goods. These goods are branded with Club IT stickers and include Glass mugs, baseball caps, T-Shirts and Shot Glass. Additionally, Club IT has 19 employees that have been deployed to work in different departments (Club IT, 2010).An analysis of Club IT resources were found to have be technology savvy. In this regard, they were able to access important technological tools that could enable them to give out and receive information that was important to their day to day activities (Club IT, 2010).As a result of their knowledge and skills in Information technology tools, these customers were able to utilize IT tools such as blackberries, Personal Digital Assistants, Camera Phones and other wireless communication such as laptops with modem internet connections.The supply chain of Club IT is divided into two major groups namely beverages and foods. These goods or rather raw materials are acquired from several dealers, with the system that is in place working on providing an opportunity for Club IT to order and track down these orders from the day they are made to the day these goods are delivered to Club IT (Club IT, 2010).To begin with, Club IT could consider introducing an online booking system as a way of meeting the needs of its customers. Considering the fact that it has a limited sitting space, introducing an online booking space could go a long way in reducing inconveniences that are caused to customers. This could be done in such as way that that every customer of Club IT makes reservation online. Therefore, the customers do not need to come to Club IT premises to make reservations. Additionally, this would enable these customers to make advance reservations from any part of the world. This would enable this business to take advantage of the fact that most of its customers were IT savvy (Club IT, 2010).

Another problem that was identified was marketing of Club IT activities and its merchandise. The current Club IT system did not give room for perfect marketing of its goods and services and as a result, few customers could be reached. In relation to this, it was difficult to market new products of this business enterprise. Therefore, Club IT could introduce an online marketing plan that would enable its customers to learn about the products and services that were produced by Club IT. It is important for one to understand that apart from providing important information to customer, an online booking and marketing system would enable Club IT to manage its customers' data while at the same time positioning itself to receive feedback from its customers (Club IT, 2010).An introduction of Supply Chain Management tools on the other hand could enable Club IT to manage the flow of its products and services (Chorafas, 2001, p.10). In line with this, the current system of Club IT is unable to determine the exact amount of raw materials it needs, the kind of raw materials it needs and how these products would move through its system. It is important to note that wastage could be minimized when this tool is implemented and utilized perfectly. For instance, when ordering raw materials for a particular type of meal, an understanding on the number of customers that would be taking this meal on a single day would avoid cases whereby it is wasted. This requires that the Supply Chain Management is tools are utilized together with Customer Relationship Management.On the other hand, Club IT while using this system could be in a position to inform its customers in advance on what they are able to offer and what they are not able to offer, depending on the availability of raw materials in the market. Currently, it was impossible to determine what was needed and whether this product or service was available in the market. Therefore, there are a lot of wastages that have occurred in the recent past because of lack of a proper Supply Chain Management system (Chorafas, 2001).To deal with these challenges, Club IT could introduce Enterprise Resource Planning system that could monitor the flow of resources in this business (Rainer & Cegielski, 2010, p.42). To begin with, the management of financial resources in Club IT business plays a core role and could determine whether it is able to survive and flourish in the market or whether it would eventually fall. In line with this, understanding the flow of finances in this business would provide an opportunity for Ruben and Lisa to manage their financial resources. On the other hand, communication between employees between different departments

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