Laws and Health

Laws are rules and regulations in a community that govern daily activities of the people living in the communities. The community uses laws as guidelines of separating the good people in the public from the bad. Laws cannot make a difference regarding an individual’s health since other factors like addiction and constant need of a drug will drive users to use them despite the law. For example, a ban on smoking cigarettes in public does not mean smokers will stop smoking. They will probably find another place or way of smoking to curb their urge. Therefore, the government cannot regulate an individual’s health responsibility by putting in place anti-drug laws. The government can only control a drug efficiently by legalizing it and taxing it highly, which will generate some revenue, rather than by spending a lot of money on paying the police and antidrug units to chase after drug users.

I support the law against selling alcohol to children. Since children are too young to take responsibility for their actions, selling alcohol to them, therefore, appears so inhuman. They do not buy alcohol because they need it but probably rather because of peer influence. The laws against smoking in public places are definitely right. Scientists have proved that second hand smokers have equal to first hand smokers chances of developing lung cancer caused by smoke. Therefore, smoking in public is unfair to non-smokers and puts at risk asthmatic people who are allergic to smoke. I, however, oppose laws prohibiting drugs like marijuana. The government should legalize and tax it since despite the fact that the government spends a lot of money trying to keep it illegal, it is still highly abused.

I do not support the idea of government setting up laws to regulate an individual’s responsibility for his/her health. This is because the users of illegal substances will definitely find ways of bending the law in order to satisfy their addiction. Therefore, such laws do not bring any benefits to our society.



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