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Canada Should Legalize Marijuana

The debate on the effectiveness of marijuana has not still come to a conclusion as sociologists and doctors present different views of the need and use of marijuana. The debate revolves around whether marijuana is a recreational drug in medical drug disguise and whether the medical representation of marijuana is free from recreational risks and harm. For centuries, the popular weed has been used for medicinal purposes with little causalities. Due to the effectiveness and culture of dependence of the marijuana drug in some countries, it has been easily legalized in those countries. Despite the federal suppression on recreational use of marijuana, a number of states in the USA have legalized marijuana for medical or for medical and recreational purposes. Canada is one of the countries where legalization of marijuana is under dispute. There were numerous court cases to validate its medicinal or recreational use. Canada should legalize marijuana for the purposes of financial gain, medical gain and environmental purposes.

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Marijuana as a Revenue Generator

The marijuana use and business can guarantee the huge sums of cash for Canada. The revenue can be collected from the sale of the drug, tourist fee and money saved on jailing petty marijuana users. There is a huge potential of trade in relation to growing, packaging, storing and selling of marijuana in Canada as a number of jobs can be created. At the same time, it will be possible to create savings as illustrated by Vancouver Sun (2008). Vancouver Sun (2008) also points out that the legalization of the drugs revenue sources would be from the reduced criminal costs, new tax revenue, local sales tax, and sprouting of new jobs; all this is related to the marijuana business. In the model, Vancouver Sun (2008) explains that marijuana would be legalized and consumed just like alcohol, with similar regulations and penalties for usage. Further advantages for the marijuana business in Canada would be that the tourists would go to the country in order to engage in the marijuana recreational or medical activities. In return, they would channel foreign currency into the Canadian government, thus reflecting general development of the country.

Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Use

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One of the most controversial subjects in regard to marijuana usage is the medical effectiveness element. There are those that dispute the medical effectiveness of marijuana, while others ponder on the medical risks of using the drug. While opposing the ban on the medical usage of marijuana, the Appeal Court cited that"Given that marijuana can medically benefit some individuals; a blanket criminal prohibition on its use is unconstitutional" (CBC News, 2013). It is further mentioned that sick people, who urgently need medical intervention of marijuana, often seek criminal ways of getting the product, because there is no a legal framework for its availability. In the process of the criminal structure for the sick to get marijuana, there are many cases of deaths and attached criminal activity. If marijuana is legalized for medical purposes, the Canadian people will be able to consume and sold it in small scale amounts. It should be mentioned that there are a number of ways that marijuana can be used medically. The foremost use is for relieving pain. Relaxation obtained by smoking marijuana seizes stress and depression, providing the human body with energy.

Legalizing Marijuana to Help the Environment

Earth Talk (2013) points out that marijuana will be very beneficial to the environment when it is planted in massive quantities. Earth Talk (2013) cites Nikki Gloudeman’s idea that growing marijuana in a standardized manner that does not seek to evade the authority; moreover, it would get rid of the old tradition of planting marijuana that often had negative effects on the environment. Often, trees are cut down in the forests in order to plant marijuana away from the authority and public eye. In addition, people who grow marijuana secretly often use a lot of energy in provision of light. On the contrary, its legal growing would mean less use of energy. Earth Talk (2013) also points out that there would be a lot of cost saving if marijuana was utilized to meet a huge demand of domestic fiber and fuel needs. Perhaps one of the interesting revelations is that the fiber and fuel derived from marijuana plant are carbon neutral and “as such wouldn’t contribute to global warming” Earth Talk (2013). unlike other crops such as cotton, marijuana plant is not chemical-intensive and thus would do a great service to the Canadian environment.


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It is clear that marijuana weed is quite beneficial on the personal and social levels. First, the drug can have a positive influence on the health of a sick person and, at the same time, improve financial status of the country. Second, the society can benefit from conducting marijuana business. Moreover, there would be an alternative to fast maturing environment boost, in regard to the rising environment pollution. Marijuana can also be utilized in making fuel. It is therefore, necessary for the Canadian government to legalize marijuana, especially after considering the history of marijuana use in Canada. The culture of marijuana use in Canada has grown over the years necessitating the need to fully implement legality in order to avoid wastage of time and resources in solving petty marijuana use cases.

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