Law Enforcement Challenges

Cyber stalking is a new form of crime which is mostly affecting children, females or some other special group for example lesbian, gay, religious and even political. There is no physical contact with the assaulter because it all happens through an information super high way. It can be in form mail, internet or computer stalking (Gerdes, 2009).

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All in all the government hasn’t ceased its efforts to curb this rising trend; which is really frightening the victims. It is however faced with serious challenges when it comes to handling the crime. The major one being that victims are timid to report these cases because they feel that the occurrence is actually not a real one and thus they feel that law enforcers might not take them seriously. Moreover, the persons involved in cyber stalking might be very far away from each other so pursuing the person for physical arrest becomes futile. The officers are also not properly trained on handling the crime with the seriousness it deserves. To make matters worse stalkers identity themselves as anonymous so making any follow up becomes a big nightmare. So mostly there is usually insufficient evidence for the officers to work on because a person may have a used a different IP address or engage in impersonation (McIntosh, 2003).

What befalls the person victimized may thus depend on where he hails from. The officers from certain areas are more equipped, trained and ready to handle cyber stalking crimes than others from different states. This may cause some lawbreakers going scot free just because of incompetency from law enforcers on computer skills. For instance a case was once reported to the local police agency and when they called the FBI the officer available had never been on the internet hence not comprehending the seriousness of the problem (Townsend, 2005). In addition cyber stalking rules to bring to book those involved in the crime. All in all, measures to control the crime have been put in place, among them being hiding private details about oneself especially in chat rooms. One should also keep in mind possible new acquaintances. This would help one to be cautious and hence before you meet probable assaulter you make a phone call to confirm or just ignore them completely.

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