Construction Contract Law

In any construction, there are always two significant people. These key people are normally the architect and the engineer who are the designers of the building. McInnis (2001) argues that the function and tasks of the engineer and architect are not clear cut but rather their function overlap and therefore, requires that for one to evaluate their work he or she needs to follow keenly on each through defining them.

For instance, an engineer is someone who commits to designing and building things for the advantage of the community. Such individuals apply the use of mathematics and scientific means in order to design and build things like equipments, structures and procedures. On the other hand, an architect is someone who undertakes to develop creative designs and structures and buildings. Based on this examination one an easily note the differences between these experts (McInnis 2001).

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These experts have key roles and responsibilities like developing of policies and corporate planning for the deliverance of services in the construction law. They offer direction and ways of a strategic approach to capital investments across the regions and the state. They oversee the delivery of expert service programs within their geographic jurisdiction.

They work to ensure that the established and commissioned project comply with recurrent funding objectives for its operation and maintenance. This team of professionals provides technical advice based on expertise in the planning, design and construction of buildings. They also focus on the methods and ways of organization and risk management processes required to manage a project during and after construction. Nonetheless, they give insights and oversight in ensuring that relative construction achieves value for money as desired by the design.

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Architects and engineers are responsible for approvals in feasibility, design and new works and in conjunction with other government departments like the treasury and finance.

Therefore, it is evident that the duties and responsibilities of engineers and architects always overlap. This is because both experts are fundamental to the design and construction of structures like bridges as well as buildings. Loots and Charrett (2009) cite that the architects commit to designing the space in order to meet client needs as well as the aesthetic appearance of the inside and exterior of the building. An engineer’s role on the other hand, commits to ensure the design is safe and has suitable building codes. Throughout construction, engineers concern themselves with establishing that buildings are safe and functional by decide on the structural materials. The engineers also determine the structural parts of the design, and specify the ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, heating, and plumbing systems of the structure.

Both the architect and engineer contribute to the designing and building of a structure regardless of its make up. The architect draws and designs plans for buildings, bridges, and other structures. The objective of the architect’s design is to meet customer requirements by making the facade of the structure meet the customer's liking. Another integral commitment that the architect commits to seeing is that the established form performs quality work to the client.

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Vivian (2002) observes that civil, structural, and architectural engineers have the responsibility of using an architect's design and to carry it trough the process of construction. The objective of such engineers is to meet the client’s requirements and make the design safe and functional. Besides, other engineers that might be involved in constructing the design are electrical engineers. This group of experts is usually been committed to installing the lighting systems in the design. The team of mechanical engineers commits to establishing designs of the elevator while plumbing system in the design is done by engineers expert from plumbing department of engineers. 

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