European Convention on Human Rights

European Convention on Human Rights. (ECHR)- It is an international convention formed in the 1950,s to fight and protect the freedom and human rights of people in the wider Europe. It came into use on the 3rd of September 1953. It was drafted by the existing council of Europe. The European Commission on Human Rights is made up of the member’s states of the Council of Europe. The ECHR formed the European Court of Human Rights. It was court that was formed so that any party that felt aggrieved by the other would get an avenue for legal redress. The violations to human rights are addressed by this court and any judgment passed is binding to the member states and they should execute them. The individual human rights should be protected against any form of violation and the formation of the court to protect these rights is a noble idea. The ECHR provides a high degree of human right protection and so far it is the only human rights body that safeguards human rights. The convention is made up of a number of protocols which guides its daily operations.

Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights - It is an international an article that deals with the individuals entitlement to a fair trial. It means that an individual is entitled to a free and fair trial before an independent court, he should be tried within the most reasonable time, he should be presumed innocent until proved otherwise, an individual should be provided with enough time to prepare for his defense, an individual should have a legal representation, he should be accorded an opportunity to cross examine the witness and he should be allowed the services of an interpreter if he does speak a different language being used. The article which the convention follows mainly works against delays in the passing of judgment within the reasonable time in most of the criminal and civil cases. The other relevant clause dealt with in article 6 is the confrontation clause which deals with the cross examination of either the witness or the claimant being examined.

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