American Segregation

The first segregation laws in the United States of America have been effected to tackle issues of ethnical separation on trains. Apartheid in South Africa started during the appearance of white settlers and was the practice for many years later.

For instance, a considerable number of southern states adopted laws that abolished discrimination against African Americans by American Whites when using trains for travel in 1910. However, in National Party Government of South Africa, abolished apartheid took a two-pronged approach in 1990.

The social institutions like hospitals, schools, restaurants, jails and theaters as well as public transport like streetcars gradually started to adopt laws that catered for all without racial and ethnic discrimination. South Africans went to the streets within the country to demonstrate, and Americans went on strike against the law.

According to historical findings, racial discrimination started when the president F. D. Klerk abolished apartheid. In 1993, the South African government allowed black South African to vote, thus to participate in elections. The leaders of the black people who were imprisoned for taking part in resisting the apartheid regime have been released.

The philosophies of Martin Luther and Nelson Mandela were represented in the non-violent strategy of the Blacks. They were strong adherents who always upheld revolutionary and violent rhetoric and evoked masses. This philosophy was mostly used during struggles for freedom in both America and South Africa. For instance, a retaliation was advocated for when necessary so as to ensure the hostile whites accepted a new level of regard and respect for black people. They devised and supported the use of the black community control in organizations and neighborhoods. These new measures and strategies allowed those people who were of black ethnicity to decide and control their destiny.



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