Employee Morale

Every organization requires an effective leader for proper and efficient running of the organization. This leader is referred to as the manager and he builds up a vision or visualization for the company and the employees that work under him. The manager is responsible for setting up the formal plan, scheming strict organization and then scrutinizing the outcomes or upshots gotten from the plans and organizational structures he/she made. A manager should thus be a good leader too since effective management requires good leadership (Stephen, 2011)


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In many organizations, many employees and low level managers complain that their managers do not give them credit when necessary (Stephen, 2011).  It has become a serious issue that even when the employees quit their jobs they leave their managers not their companies. The results of these complains from employees may be as a result of a manager failing to keep a promise, the manager making negative comments on them, invading their privacy, null blames and even being given silent treatment in the work place.

Good leaders demonstrate particular traits which are vital for efficient running of the firm. Among the major traits is leadership excellence which enables the leaders to have a positive impact on their employees. They have the ability to inspire others to believe that they are able to meet the targets of the company, and achieve their goal. Therefore it is the duty of the leader to make others believe in him or her by making them understand what you stand for and value the most about the organization not your personal values. (Leadership excellence) Secondly, the leader must be ready to work with the others in order to have or to gain success in everything they do. He or she must know that they cannot do it alone. There must be the inclusion of the talent and support of the others brought about by trust which is the most crucial trait of a leader. A good leader must believe and trust in his/her followers (Bowles, 2009). Thirdly, he/she must be able to ‘change with change’. This means that he or she must be able to adapt to the changing organizational environments mainly characterized by challenges. How you are able to deal with immediate challenges show your good leadership traits. A good leader must also lead by example. (Leadership excellence) This means that you have to be a role model for the things or values you expect your workers to have. You also have to be a learner. A good leader is the best learner. A good leader is quick to listen and hear what others have to say. He has the ability to learn from the other with love believing that they can also lead. Any effective leader must have a passion for his job.

The above traits of a good leader can be sampled up to one major thing known as communication which literally is the conveying of messages from one place to another through a medium. (Stephen, 2011)  In an organization, communication is mainly between the leaders or managers and the employees and is mainly known as organizational communication In case of any complains; the employees must air their grievances in a formal and understandable way so that their bosses can respond to them. The same case also applies to the leaders. When they require their employees to do something, they have the ability to communicate in a formal, gentle and understandable way (Connel et al, 2003). The way a firm communicates from the top managers to the low ranking employees, determines how efficient the firm is ran and how the workers grievances are settled either fairly or unfairly.

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Good leaders should be proactive in addressing issues that affect employee’s morale. The leadership should be flexible to meet the organization and workers needs and expectation if he or she was to boost employee’s morale.

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