As an academic writer, I have come to realize the essentials of successful academic writing through the unsuccessful and successful essays I submitted to the College. Out of the strengths and weaknesses derived from both my successful and successful essays, I am now in good position to improve my academic writing. It is through the two essays that I can be able to ascertain how and why the essays were less or more successful and build on their strengths and weaknesses to improve my academic writing. Through the mistakes made in the unsuccessful essay, I am now capable to know where and why I went wrong and thus take corrective actions aimed at improving my future academic writings and come up with successful essays. Through the successful essays, I can be able to ascertain the strong points and strategies needed to make successful academic writing and thus be in good position to further expand my reading and writing skills with a view of improving my general academic writing.

From the successful exam essay, I was able to ascertain what was wanted by instructors when marking such essays. I realized that in order to have a successful essay, then a point of view regarding the issue that has been presented ought to be developed and supported using relevant reasoning and examples obtained from studies, experience, observations and from readings. In order to compose a successful or effective essay, I noted that an academic writer should follow and observe the conventions of the standard written English. I also realized that I took my ample time to read the instructions required of the essay before I started writing it. This ensured that I understood the issue in question and thus fully addressed it using the relevant data and materials. This is what could have possibly contributed towards the successful essay. Reading the instructions also helped me pick some of the essential tips about the expected content, organization and length of the essay and thus ensured that all the requirements needed for the essay are fulfilled (Ehrenhaft 2008, p. 1).

As an Academic writer, I was able to learn from mistakes using the unsuccessful essay that I presented to the team of English instructors. I learnt that my essay was unsuccessful because of the various grammatical errors which were rampart in my essay making it irrelevant. In addition to this, I learnt that my essay was unsuccessful because I never reread the topic with an aim of ensuring that I didn’t wander off the course. As a result, I ended up writing an essay which was unrelated to the given topic and bluffing my examiners through repeating the same information using different wordings. I also learnt from my unsuccessful essay that while the major goal or aim of any academic writing was to inform the reader or examiner, my essay was meant to impress. I therefore learnt that in order to make my future essays to become more successful in future I should compose them with a view of showing the examiners or the readers what I know and not just showing off. I learnt that I should never use “big words” or vocabularies which I was not sure of their meanings (Cambridge 2009, p. 158).

Basing on both my successful and unsuccessful essays, most aspects of my academic writing have greatly improved. Some of the aspects of academic writing that have greatly improved as a result of analyzing both essays include among others; critical analysis, my language style and grammar aspects, writing ideas in a clear and concise way, relating main ideas or concepts to each other instead of describing issues in particular detail and having the ability to understand what the task requires through analyzing questions. I also realized that referencing is also an important aspect of academic writing which instructors based on when marking the essays.

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