Tips how You can Improve Your Resume

Length. Good companies have thousands of resumes to review. Therefore, they spend 20-40 seconds in average on one resume. Usually, they never read the whole resume right away simply because they don’t have enough time for that. So, the bottom line is that your resume has got only seconds to capture the attention of the one reading it. My recommendation then is to make it shorter than 5 pages. The best option is 2 pages (3 pages at most). Even if it is going to be used within the organization to “shop” you for promotion. That is not easy to do, but in this case you will have to choose the most important information about what you did (which means that some of the information you will have to cut).

Summary. You may want to consider inserting the summary section before your work experience, where you can include the most necessary information about what you did or what you are expert at (it is usually 5-6 lines long). You can start by saying that you are «an accomplished professional with solid educational credentials and extensive experience in the field…..». This section will give a glimpse of what your resume is all about.

Areas of Expertise. This section usually follows a summary and is divided into 2 columns. This is a place, where in bullets you can list all the areas you have expertise at. This is a good way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge so that the one reading your resume could see what specifically you are competent at (summary is more general; this section should more specific).

Training/Certifications. It would be good to add this section if you have completed any trainings that may be related to the potion you want to apply for.

Key Accomplishments & Awards. You may want to add this section if you have any awards (it should follow the education section).

Memberships & Affiliations. You may add this section if you have any memberships relevant to the applying position.



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