It Jobs and A Description of Their Functions

Efficiency is the key to successfully being part of a workforce that is involved in Information Technology (IT). Computer programming is one of the common IT jobs. A computer programmer is charged with the responsibility of developing and designing analytical data structures as well as administration their transactional functions. In addition, a computer programmer is expected and required to develop new applications that will be used in a company or organization while maintain the existing applications that are within the company. As a chief technology officer or chief technical officer (CTO), the functions that are expected include being responsible for the oversight and strategic planning of the business functions that are involved in information systems. In essence, a CTO works to oversee the business functions within information systems set up. In addition, the CTO is required to manage project development within the organization to ensure that the processes involved will support the growth and development of the company.

The director of IT also has functions that are somewhat similar to those of the CTO. However, the director has specific responsibilities of administering and overseeing platforms within the company as well as strategies and technologies that are utilized. In addition, he is also charged with identifying certain enhancements that will improve businesses that are supported by information systems and support future needs the business may need. The director is expected to play an active role in testing the units that have been developed for the system functionality. Working as an electrical engineer within an IT set up involved designing electrical systems and equipment in a broad range as well as deploying them to the different sectors that they are needed to be in. the equipment are in a broad range to meet the functional needs of the different sectors that they are in.



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