Advantages and Disadvantages of Firefighting as a Professional Career

Firefighting is a noble profession. It is also a dangerous one because it involves taking risks to save lives and property. Firefighters must be considered very important people in the community. There are several advantages and disadvantages of taking firefighting as a professional career, most of which are listed in this essay.

Some of the advantages are related to the nature of the profession itself. This includes firefighting being respected and honored career globally, which gives a sense of importance to individuals working in this sector. Additionally, there is pride and job satisfaction among individuals knowing that they work to save lives of other people, or at least make the lives of these people bearable or better. This is more so when firefighters recognize that they risk their own lives for this noble act. Other advantages include good job security and benefits because there is early retirement and good pensions, there is always a workload because fires are always happening for different reasons, there is great interaction among people, and therefore it becomes a lively career, but more important is the sense of brotherhood among colleagues which brings them together.

Just like everything else, firefighting also has disadvantages which include facing risks and dangerous situations every time the individual is on duty, great stress that engulf firefighters especially when they fail to save lives of individuals due to the intensity of the fire or other factors. Additionally, there is the fact that the job has an early retirement, and this denies the firefighters a chance to continue with the career that gives them satisfaction. There is also the fact that fires are unprecedented and therefore irregular working hours that deny one time with his family. Note that the profession is mainly for men, and therefore, kind women who may want to risk their lives to save people do not get this opportunity.



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