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George Armstrong Custer’s Case

In General George Armstrong Custer’s case, behavioral and situational are the theories suit his leadership style. Situational theory applies because of his confidence in the decisions he made, as he served as the general in the United States army. On the other hand, behavioral theory applies because of the beliefs he took up as a child, and, thus, defines the way he leads people. Having been brought up from a humble background, George got used to tough life. By this, he never had a hard time with the experiences soldiers goes through in the training, and throughout their lives.

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Through his leadership skills, it was clear that a servant leader must be a servant at first with the conscious of making decisions to lead, thus, serving others perfectly without increasing the use of their powers. This enhances the growth of people by the increase of teamwork and involvement of people, and this increases the output of these people, unless if it is for the selfless leaders. The concept of servant leadership has a long life outcome that influences people and society for a positive manner, which leads to identification of people and the development of corporate culture.

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Despite the poor background that General George Armstrong Custer was raised through, he finally was able to rise through all the  main challenges that he faced both during the school times and in the United States army as being a foreigner. He withstood all the prejudices that the other officers accused him, such as poor commanding power. General George Armstrong Custer was also a risk taker. This was seen during the battle between the little bighorn where he fought his enemy with extremely few soldiers. Although he was to wait for backup from the military base, General George Armstrong Custer decided to engage into the war, since his enemies were fleeing with the capture and loot that they had acquired from his army.

From the life experience that General George Armstrong Custer endured before being able to be crowned as a general in the army of the United States, I learnt various different attributes that are truly essential in the life. Self motivations and a somber attitude should be the part of the mind of the army, especially to those who want to achieve, and become legends in the United States army just like General George Armstrong Custer. Through the life of General George Armstrong Custer, we are also inspired to become responsible for the actions that we decide to undertake especially, if the decision affects a large number of people like the entire army or the decision involves the loss of death of the army.

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Nevertheless, George’s political history made authors forget other heroes in those days due to the unbelievable things he did. For example, he took ordinary citizens who had no training and experience in the army and made them fight the best military force who were the British army. However, George will be remembered for his extraordinary sacrifices and generalship in his military life. 

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