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The Third Reich

As soon as the third Reich was born, high tension gripped the city of Berlin. The Wilmer republic was too obvious to everyone that it was due to expire. It had been seen crumbling for more than a year, and General Kurt Schleicher appeared to care so little for the republic. He had ruled the republic as chancellor through a presidential decree, and no recourse from parliament and his time has come to end after less than sixty days in office.

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In January 1933, Hitler, the leader of national socialist demanded himself the chancellorship of a republic he had sworn to destroy. The rumors of what was likely to happen were so rife in the capital, and most disturbing of them as they happened, were not without some foundation.  The Berlin storm troopers assisted by Nazi sympathizers in the police force were to seize the president’s palace, which housed most of the government ministries.  The following day, thousands of workers crowded the Lustgarten, which is at the center of Berlin to demonstrate their strong opposition, and raised Hitler to the helm of power. Hitler drove over to the chancery two days after the tension arose and was declared to the country and the rest of the world.

It marked the beginning of the third Reich, which was commonly known as ‘the thousand-year Reich’. In that, flash of time history has it that the reign caused an eruption in the world more chattering and violent than any other previously known. It raised the German people to the helm of power that they had never known in more than a millennium. It also made them, at one instance, the Europe masters and later plunging them into the depth of mass damage at the end of the war. The Nazi government had provoked cold-bloodedly the neighbors and instated a reign of terror over its subjects.

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This man who founded the Third Reich and ruled it ruthlessly with uncommon shrewdness led it to a dizzy height, and finally to a sorry end was one undoubtedly with evil genius. To some German and most foreigners it seemed as if in Berlin, a charlatan had come to power. Many had the perception that Hitler had the aura of a true charismatic leader and thus, many followed him blindly for the twelve years he was in power.

It happened in the spring of 1945 when they surrendered a sizeable batch of its secret papers and other valueless materials including private diaries and some high, secret speeches, session reports and correspondence. It was remarkable that most of those diplomats and journalists stationed in German during the Nazi time had little knowledge about what was happening behind the screen of the third Reich.  For example, it was always easy to record what was happening and record barely the exciting and often revolting events of the Third Reich.  However, the fateful decisions that were made secretly, the intrigues, treachery, and the motives and aberration that led up to them as well as the principle actors behind the scene and the magnitude to which they were being exercised.  All these things among many others remained hidden from the public and media until the secret papers turned up.  The testimony that was provided by the documents was enriched by the surviving leaders, soldiers and the civilians before they were executed.

With reference to the secret government documents, it was of enormous importance that the history and life of Hitler’s Germany be studied. Upon the study and close scrutiny of the available materials, the truth speak for itself over the times and life of this renown dictator. Hitler was probably the last of the great conquerors in the tradition of Alexander, Napoleon and Caesar while the Third Reich the last empire preceded by France and Rome. This curtain was dropped by the invention of ballistic missiles and hydrogen bombs and space rockets aimed to the moon.

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The writer recounts the events of the Nazi Party and the activities of Adolf Hitler as they happened. However, much emphasis has been leveled at the background and life of Hitler and the origin of his personalities and attitude, the negativity of the Third Reich, but barely have the positive parts of the two aspects been touched.

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