Adolf Hitler

It is often difficult to talk about the early years of the Third Reich without having a clear understanding of the man behind this regime. This man, Adolf Hitler, boosted a vast deal that the Third Reich would last for a thousand years.  Unfortunately, it only lasted for twelve years, nowhere near what he expected. Its short fall was presented as the most classic series of events the western civilization has ever known. Hitler had consolidated his power as a dictator of this baffling nation and then led it to war and conquest.

William Sheridan is among the few who managed to have a deep access of the German archives of secrets, along with the many interviews he was able to conduct.  His study led to the discovery of things untold and unseen. The most confidential documents and archives of the German government and all its branches were captured.  It was at the time that this revered nation was defeated in war that all its secrets were revealed.

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Birth of the Nazi Party

Like other Germans who were in the First World War, Hitler was also among the bravest and courageous soldiers. He joined the army in October 1914 after barely training for three months and surprisingly, his unit was decimated to a four day hard fighting at the battle of Y pres. Towards the end of the war in 1918, he was caught in a heavy British gas attack and injured his eyes. He was twice crowned for his bravery during the war as the Iron Cross, Second Class in 1914 and later a First Class in 1918. He proudly wore it to the end of his life.

Hitler was a peculiar fellow who never asked for leave home or had any interest in women. He was a deadly serious soldier of all times and always meditated on the aims of the war and Germany’s destiny. He made other soldiers believe that the Germans were not defeated in the war but rather, traitors at home stabbed them in the back. This fanatic belief paved way for his ultimate triumph. With his own fate becoming quite unknown, he decided to join politics in a bid to reclaim the glory.

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The prospects of a political career for the thirty year old Austrian in a country not his birth place, who had no funds, no friends, no job or trade were not promising in the first place.  In Berlin, demobilized soldiers who tried to recollect the situation they had left in 1914 before the war started to spring secretly equipped by chancellor. Their original intentions were to fight the poles and the baits over the disputed eastern frontier but soon started to back up the plots to overthrow the republican regime.

At the same time, a coup de tat by the military succeeded in Munich. By 1920, the Bavarian capital became the center for those forces who wanted to overthrow the republican government. It was at Munich that Hitler got his start. After coming back, he founded a battalion that was in the hands of soldiers. As soon as the communist regime was overthrown, he began what he called first more or less political activities that involved intelligence service to the government regarding those who had responsibility in the coup de tat.

Apparently, his service in this occasion was valuable enough to lead the army in and give him further employment. He was assigned a job in the news bureau of the political department and press, a position he had relished for long. He was now deep in politics where he had recognized government to its liking. It was contrary to army personnel to venture in politics at those times.

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One day he received orders from his superiors instructing him to investigate a political group in Munich called German workers party. Since the country was purely a communist regime, the soldiers were weary of workers unions. He reported back not to have any idea of such a group since he had heard lectures from several speakers who talked positively about them. He was visited by one of the leaders of the party in a later date and given a pamphlet that outlined the group’s activities. A day later, he received a card stating that he has been accepted in the German workers party. This was an opportunity coming too soon since he never wanted to join an already existing one, but create one of his own. He was enrolled a member of the committee of the party, an opportunity he utilized to the maximum. In 1920, Hitler took over the party’s propagandas, as he liked this aspect through interaction with various other groups and associations in Vienna.


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