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The Indians and Bengalis

The Indians and Bengalis have different cultural interpretations of psychological illness and varied behaviors that contribute to mental illness, which can be perceived as more spiritual; this may base on medical or biological interpretations. For instance, certain cultural behaviors result from the sins committed or may be due to a curse put on someone else. The symptoms for these illnesses are expressed differently, whereby an individual may express that he or she is not feeling well or maybe has bad headache. This is one of the signs that reveal that individual suffer from mental illness, which are caused by acculturated issues. In many Asian cultures, there are things that occur beyond one’s control capacity, which leads to a further reactive approach to healthcare provision, whereby individual management for illness is valued.

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As a psychologist, one needs to be aware of different causes of conflicts when working with the first and the second generation immigrants to the U.S in a culturally sensitive way. One of the things a professional should be aware of is the cultural differences that exist between different groups.  In culturally-sensitive society, there are different cultural norms, values and beliefs, which may affect one another in different ways. A psychologist needs to understand these cultural differences and be aware of cultural values that may trigger conflicts. Hence, there is a need to formulate and employ appropriate strategies, which one may use when addressing different cultures in a particular region.

Moreover, one should be aware that the cultural differences that exist in a society may affect the relationship of people, especially the way they communicate with each other. This is because in a society with many cultural groups, different languages are used. Therefore, one needs to be aware that language can impact the society in different ways. Sometimes it may cause family conflicts and affect the relationship between family members. This is revealed especially in the second generation immigrants; thus the relations of the parent towards their adolescents may be affected. This is because most parents are more acculturated than their children. Hence the family conflicts may arise in the process of parents trying to encourage their children to live according to their expectations.

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Another thing that a psychology needs to understand is that different countries have their own culture and ways of living. Hence, he or she should be aware of those traditions while working with the first and the second generation immigrants. This is vital because it will help one avoid conflicts or creating prejudices towards other cultures (Yu- Wen Ying & Meekyung, 2008). Hence, one should attempt to learn or understand different traditions. It is essential to attempt freeing from discriminations and preconceptions of other cultures, especially when dealing with culturally sensitive individuals. This will reduce bad misconceptions, and conflicts that may arise in a particular society.

Before addressing people in a multicultural society, a psychologist needs to be aware of the influence of the first and second generation immigrant’s culture. Zhou and Gatewood (2000) argue that self-knowledge should be achieved through understanding the cultural consciousness of people in the society. This is vital because it will enable a psychologist to discover assumptions and prejudices that will create obstacles to culturally responsive clinical assessment (Uba, 1994). Furthermore, there is a need for a psychologist to be aware of his own language of communication in a multicultural society, because cultural values and beliefs s may be different from the society he or she is addressing. This may contribute to the increased barrier in communication, especially when addressing the first generation immigrants, particularly with inadequate educational skills. Therefore, a psychologist should respect other people from different culturally and linguistic backgrounds. This is crucial because it will create a common sense of understanding between these groups of immigrants and a psychologist.

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In conclusion, the Bangladeshi and Indians immigrated to the United States because of better economic support and employment opportunities. This occurred because of political instabilities and discriminations based on religion in their countries of origin. The immigration of the Bangladeshis and the Indians to the U.S contributed to various negative effects on the environment where they settled.  However, in the U.S, they experienced acculturation stress due to different cultural practices and beliefs. This affected their self-identify and they contribute to family conflicts. The acculturation gaps contributed to mental and other health issues, such as headache, ulcers and many other diseases. Thus, a psychologist needs to be aware of cultural differences existing in a society, because this fact may affect the relationship of varied people. Hence, there is the need to understand cultural beliefs, values and norms of different societies.

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