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General George Armstrong Custer

George Armstrong Custer was a commander in the United States army during the civil war. He was born on December 1839 in Michigan, and was raised in Ohio. In his entire life, General George Armstrong Custer was a leader who was self-motivated and focused on the major aim of giving maximum performance in his various, diverse roles and duties as a commander, and as well as a servant in different incidents. General George Armstrong Custer was a son in a family that encompassed of five children that belonged to the Custer’s family. He was a son to Marie Kirkpatrick Ward and Emanuel Custer Henry, who were also dedicated parents. They guaranteed all their children attained education by ensuring that they attended school.

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Apart from having a reputable personality, General George Armstrong Custer was always dedicated to his country and that is the reason I have chosen him for this paper. Throughout his life, George strived to improve the lives of people around him. Apart from coming from a humble background, George was poor at academic performances; however, this did not prevent him from becoming a reputable leader. The struggle of General George Armstrong Custer is identified in various stages in life, especially in his teenage and educational years where, according to his teachers and fellow friends, George Armstrong Custer was observed as a foolish student both in the academic performances and other school curriculum activities. While still in the army in the West Point, George Armstrong Custer performance in the military academy was also identified to be poor, as he appeared at the bottom list of all the examinations that were conducted at school. To some point, George Armstrong Custer was nearly thrown out of the military academy because of the poor grades that he attained in the class performance, and the military examinations that he attained remarkably low grades.

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In the battle, George Armstrong Custer was given the role of a runner between the Major General Irvin McDowell and General Winfield Scott. After this, Custer participated in various other fights, as he keenly developed his skill and qualifications, thus, being able to make him acquire the most proficient skills that made him a general in the United States army. Although George Armstrong Custer is a foreigner in the United States of America, he was still appointed as a general because of the fact that he provided the competent performances in his duties and conquered various different wars. With love, he had in his duties; George Armstrong Custer began to follow to the later the various rules that were assigned to him, especially during the wars. This attitude made him adorable, and admired by other majors, especially those that were participating in various wars that needed more crucial and strong soldiers. This made senior majors and generals trust him with challenging assignments, since he showed that he was capable of fighting their rivals without retreating.

His competency used to threaten the capabilities of their enemies, since he was in the front line during most of the furious civil wars that took place in the United States. Although he faced various resistances from other members of the senior commanders because of his poor commanding power, which was adapted from the poor performance in the academic performances, George Armstrong Custer ignored the resistance and got focused, thus, continued to give his best in his duties and roles as commander in the minor wars. This is what made him promoted to general, since he showed competence and responsibility in most of the duties that he was assigned.

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Some of the most crucial fights that determined the life of General George Armstrong Custer are the various wars that encompassed the Indian wars. He was assigned the duty of a general office with a large army to be able to conquer the native races that wanted to conquer the Americans. Throughout most of the civil wars, as a newly appointed general officer in the United States, General George Armstrong Custer instructed his army in a manner that enabled him to win all the wars that he participated in. General George Armstrong Custer distinguished himself from the other commanders and generals in the United States army. This was by the virtue that he distinguished himself from others by his boldness and aggressiveness of becoming the best officer in the entire United States army.

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