The United States History

Great Britain outlined the borders of the United States as indicated in the treaty of Paris of 1783. The treaty contained ambiguities resulting in disputes between Canada and the United States on matters relating to borders. In pursuit to solve the border disputes, several debates took place in the 19th century. This essay addresses the principal debates of 1840’s and 1890’s. Specifically, it compares the debates over American territorial expansionism that took place in the 1840’s to the one of the 1890’s.

American territorial expansionism debates of 1840s and 1890s led to the expansion of the American territory because of political, economic, and cultural issues. The expansionism debates were alike in their justification, but the strategies of their arguments varied.

Both border expansion movement debates used similar rationalization for acquiring land; however, the terms were different. For example, the 1890’s justification included the need for new land to cater for the growing population, to acquire land in order to gain economic advantages over other colonies, such as trading with states like California in Asia. They also wanted to gain land in rivals with other prominent colonies.

Another difference arises, where the 1840’s movement opposed such consequences of the expansion of territories as slavery on the new territories acquired, but, at the same time, it did not oppose the colonies acquiring land. For example, their movement strongly opposed the use of slavery in Texas that resulted in disagreement with Mexico. On the other hand, the opposers in the 1890’s are based on their argument on controlling their culture but were not opposed to the economic benefits. For example, they opposed Cuban to become a protectorate of the U.S. and the Filipino insurrection.

Both movements achieved their goals despite using different strategies. America acquired many colonies all over the world and emerged among the principal colonies especially in Africa. Today it is one of the leading five economies.



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