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Random Act of Kindness

Kindness is the act of showing caring and consideration. It is the tendency of having charitable deeds, pleasant character, and concern for others. It is a virtue recognized in many religions and cultures. A random act of kindness is an action carried out by a person wishing to either cheer up or assist a person or people. Each one of us has to make  our own contribution in order to create a better environment of living. We cannot always rely on others.

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In the first video, as I was walking in the streets I saw a small boy seated at a corner. He was wearing worn out clothes. I felt pity for him and went to talk to him. Later, I found out that he was homeless. He has been in the street for weeks and has been solely surviving on borrowed food from passersby. He had no idea on the whereabouts of his parents or any clue about his siblings. His story touched me, and out of kindness I gave him a one dollar coin to go to buy something. I acknowledge the importance of communication to happiness and survival. By communicating, we build up identities, set up relationships, bring our efforts with others, talk on issues that affect us, and work out problems and possibilities. Interpersonal communications get fundamental human wants. Human beings need to survive, and communication helps us to meet these needs. By talking to this boy, I learnt of his suffering. By not receiving his basic wants, this boy was suffering from abuse. Children who suffer abuse often have anxiety, impulsiveness and reduced memory abilities. This boy had reduced memory abilities; he could not remember anything about his family. I felt he needed self esteem. He needed to respect and value himself and also being respected and valued by others. We get the first feel of identity from others who speak of how they see us. He needed someone to tell him that  he is smart, warm and loved. Young people start forming images, when adults convey their perceptions to them (Wood, 2007). He responded with much gratitude. His response was though nonverbal. He responded by giving me a wide smile, which indicated a positive feeling. He also gave me a hug, which signaled affection. This made me believe that my act of kindness was not taken for granted. This was a positive experience to me, since I had helped him. This is a charitable deed, which I hope every citizen can adopt.

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In the second clip, as I was walking in town, I saw this man who was hawking an item. Nobody seemed to want this item, and so I went to buy it from him. The guy looked tired, hungry and depressed. He was homeless. As I was negotiating with him the price of his item, I asked him, if he wanted a burger since I was carrying some. He declined, saying it was not suitable for consumption since it contained a lot of chemicals. He also asked me not to eat it. By asking me not to eat the burger also; I felt this man was actually caring of others. I became exceedingly mindful of what he was putting across. By being mindful, I did not let my thoughts waft away to what I would do after walking out of there, nor did I center on my own feelings and responses. Instead, I knew if I listen mindfully, I tune in wholly to him and try to appreciate what he was conveying, without imposing my personal judgments, ideas or feelings. Mindfulness starts by deciding to concentrate. I exhibited this by paying attention, taking a keen posture, maintaining an eye contact, and showing attention in what he was saying. The man responded by thanking me for purchasing his item and also by heeding to his advice. I too was grateful for the advice. My act of kindness was received warmly. By buying his item, he got some money for survival. He could use it for purchasing the items he needed. To me, this was a positive experience. I had learnt a lot by communicating with this man. He told me of the risk imposed by consuming such foods.

In the third video, I found this old woman stranded in the streets with a heavy bag. She asked me to assist her carry the bag to where she lived. I picked her bag and followed her to where she lived. I felt it was my duty as a young man to help the old in the society. It would be rude of me to leave the old woman struggle with the bag. The old woman responded by giving me warm gaze, which indicated an admiration. She was also thankful. The experience was a positive one. I learnt of the expectation of the elderly from us young people.

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In conclusion, I have realized that doing marvelous things to other people always gives a warm feeling at heart. We experience a sense of well-being and coolness by being kind to others. A random act of kindness is a delightful way of taking the spotlight away from us. People should show kindness to their friends, poor people and the disabled. When an individual practices charity he receives charity back from other people, when is in need. People should consider each act they do to others since each action have a negative and positive impact. 

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