Bill of Quantities

In tendering process starts when the architecture puts in drawing the mental picture that he develops after discussing the building with his client. The architecture uses various types of architectural buildings. The architecture should try to understand the types of doors that his client requires. The architecture should also know the number of doors that are required as quantified in the Bill of Quantities (BQ).

He should also be conversant with the type of materials to be used. The materials should be deduced from the accurate and complete design drawing. The supplier should be conversant with abbreviations and symbols, which outline the details of the materials to be used. The person quantifying the doors should be conversant with relationship between symbols and materials they represent.

The architecture should also know the cost of the material required. The availability of the materials should also be taken into consideration e.g. the type of glass selected for specified windows and doors. The height of the doors should also be taken into consideration. The builder should also specify the workmanship required for the installation and fixing of the doors. The physical properties of the doors must be specified in the quotation. The supplier should comply with the treatment and testing specified for each type of the doors required.

The supplier should be conversant with the condition of contract and specification of the doors as outlined in the bill of quantities. The supplier should be informed by the objects of specification. The supplier must take in consonance that the contract conditions are biding. The doors should also meet the required securities required, labor conditions, and materials requirement. The door supplier should be aware the tender is time bound. The supplier should be aware which documents should supply and when.

The tender should document for the doors should have a letter head indicating the quotation number and contact details. The document should also have the prizing, both in words and figures.



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