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Concept of Adaptation

The first test aims in testing the adaptation of human body to coarseness and softness. The operators needed for the experiment includes, sandpaper, paper and index figure. After rubbing the index figure over sandpaper for few minutes, the figure felt roughness at the beginning and after some minutes the figure got used and stopped filling coarseness. The level of coarseness reduced as rubbing existed. On rubbing the same figure after few minutes on a paper there was different feeling.  During the experiment there was change in the level of coarseness. At the start of the experiment the figure felt much coarseness and with extensive rubbing the rate of coarseness reduced.

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The second experiment involves testing adaptation of test by human body. It involves tasting sugar water and sugarless water. On taking a sip of sugar water there is a feeling of much sugar test and upon swishing the water around the mouth, got used with the test and stopped feeling the test. The water tested less sweet but on sipping fresh water it did not have sugar test. Swishing sugar water for several seconds in the mouth made difference of test but upon taking the fresh water there was much difference because the fresh water tested sugarless.

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The final experiment tests the adoption of human body to temperature. It involves three bowls of hot water, lukewarm and cold water respectively. Submerging the hands in both cold water and hot water the hand felt coldness and warmth but for three minutes the effect reduced and the hands did not fell much coldness and warmth as felt at the begging of the experiment. On submerging the hands in lukewarm water bowl the hands felt difference from as compared to hot and cold bowl. The hands got used with the temperature of the water but on submerging in lukewarm there was a feeling of warmth different from the first.

Human body has an adaptations effect to all stimuli. Each person has nervous system which detects the intrusion of stimulus to the body. The skin has nerves which sent the message to the brain in order for an individual to sense the effect of stimuli. There people whose nervous system do not function well and they do not sense stimulus. Sensory adoption is the feeling felt by human being or an organism when a new stimulus is imposed. For example, human beings have different senses which include smell, sound, sight, touch and test among others and assist in adapting to the environment. On exposure to a certain stimulus like test the nerves takes the message to the central nervous system and then to the brain and this make an individual to sense the stimulus (Jessel, 2000).

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The first experiment the body felt the effect of coarseness but after same time the effect was not much as at the beginning but upon doing the same with a paper there was much change. The second and third experiment there was great feeling of the stimulus at the begging of the experiment but for few second the hands and mouth got used and felt less effect, but on changing the stimulus there was a different feeling. This shows that the body adapts to the stimulus. Adaptations assist people or organism to live in different climatic conditions (Pearson, 2002). People travel from different regions and experience change in climate or environmental conditions. An individual can be put in a smoking environment and for a short period he adopts and copes with the smoking effect, and this reduces the effect of suffocation and death. Adaptation assists human beings to cope with environment changes, but also can have side effect when individuals adapts to harmful condition like pain which can result to death.

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