The Hispanic Color Divide

Hispanics refer to the citizens of Spanish or Latin American origin. The article “The Hispanic Color Divide” majorly speaks of racial alignment between black Hispanics and non-black Hispanics. The article informs that Hispanics who consider themselves black acquire more social and economic distinctiveness that are closer to those of African-Americans. The article reveals that black Hispanics are less successful compared to their white counterparts, taking into consideration the terms of household income, poverty rates and high unemployment. The article also states that large population of black Hispanics originated from Dominican Republic and a less number from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Central America.

From the article we find out that, according to the U.S. Census, almost a million of black Hispanics are more educated than other Hispanics. It is also mentioned that they are more likely to speak English than any other language as well as to be immigrants. However, the article states that black Hispanics’ economic performance is much worse than other Hispanics’. This economic difference is attributed to the tough color line in the United States. Logan John, the director of the Mumford Center and author of the study, states that in the situations when people try to get a job or rent a house, race always plays a vital factor. Another fact is that the unemployment rate of black Hispanics is higher than of non-black Hispanics. The figures stand at 12.3 % for black Hispanics and 11 % for other Hispanics. The household earnings of black Hispanics are higher as well (Gonzales, 2003).

Coming to social interaction, the tendency of marriages between black Hispanics and other Hispanics is very high. Almost a half of kids from the black Hispanics families have a parent who is a representative of other Hispanics.

In conclusion, with such a mix of racial origins, it is revealed that Hispanics no longer consider themselves as white or black. According to Census, in 2000 a large number of Hispanics refrained from racial classification. This contributes much to the abolishment of racial isolation.



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