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Humanity can be said as defining traits of being human; inhumanity is the exact opposite. Being human entails that an individual be capable of emotion, perception, empathy and use of intelligence. Inhumanity is the act of being or behaving like an animal; without rationality. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of humanity include those of acting, thinking and feeling. There is much that tends to define human beings. Being human does not imply the act of being in existence. In this perspective, there would be no difference between people and other in-animate objects. Humanity, in itself, can be seen as a way of life defining conduct and behavior of individuals; directly and indirectly. One is not supposed to think about themselves only, but to also put into perspective other humans. However, in life there are always individuals who put their greedy interests before those of fellow human beings. An epitome of this is JosephKony; who transformed from a nice, young man to a monster of an individual. This paper intends to take a look JosephKony; the leader of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and a wanted man by the International Criminal Court.

Nobody knows the exact time that JosephKony was born, but it is thought to be between 1961 and 1964; in a family if six. His birthplace was Odek, a small village in the northern part of Uganda. Kony comes from a humble background with his father being a preacher and a teacher (Finnström). Joseph served as an altar boy in his early years. Kony had a good relationship with everyone in his early childhood; in addition to being polite and well humored. One would expect him to follow in his good nature, and the role model of a father. However, Kony had anger management problems; in addition to not being bright. Most of the times he opted to use brawn over brains in solving issues while at school; he was not a bright student. With Kony having an exceptionally humble background, in addition to a role model father, one would expect that he would grow up in the expected manner (Twesigye). The expected manner would be that he would transform into a perfect human being; in behavior and respect of others.

However, Kony later dropped out of school and began to learn witchcraft under the apprenticeship of his brother. Joseph’s journey to inhumanity began in the 1980’s. During this time, the president in power came from his tribe. The president faced stiff resistance and was eventually ousted by rebel groups. There emerged widespread fear among Kony’s tribesmen on the repercussions from the new president. The tribe feared reprimand or attacks by the government that had seized power. This led to the formation of a rebel group led by JosephKony (Twesigye). The availability of fear and resentment among his tribesmen cemented his position and popularity. However, Joseph later turned against his own tribe; the same people he was supposed to help. Kony took their property forcefully, chopped body parts, and killed others.

Over the years, the group developed and molded itself into a terror group. The group’s name has also evolved throughout the ages; currently, the group is known as Lord’s resistance army. JosephKony aimed at overthrowing the government and establishing his own that would be governed by the Ten Commandments. He believes and tells people that he is God’s messenger. An irony in itself considering the trespasses that he, through his group, has committed against humanity. Kony has, over the years, been involved in the killing of thousands and the abductions of thousands of children. It is estimated that Kony has been involved in the abductions of between 60,000 and 100,000 children (Eichstaedt). Kony has also led to displacing of more than 2 million people from their homes. The children abducted from their homes are later converted into child soldiers. In some instances, Kony forces the children to kill a close family member. The killing of a close family member ensures that the children remain attached to Kony through guilt. This is a contradiction of the leadership style that he aims to establish; based on the Ten Commandments. Killing goes against one of the Ten Commandments; that expressly condones killing. The trespasses of Kony can be termed as misguided humanity. It is only rational that individuals should treat other people with dignity and respect. This is a fact that Kony has seemed to overlook. The killings and philandering of Kony has led to the international criminal court indicting charges to trespass against humanity. Joseph’s tyranny has reached a level that was never imagined. Activists have actively called for the arrest and charging of Kony with charges of crimes against humanity. The Lord’s Resistance Army has dwindled in numbers, and JosephKony fled the country. Kony is believed to be somewhere in the Central African Republic (BBC).  

In conclusion, Joseph Kony can be termed as a misguided individual; his group included. There are so many avenues that people can use to channel their discontentment; killing is not one of those ways. In some instances, Joseph has ordered to chopping off of people’s organs. This goes against all that humanity advocates. Abducting children to make them soldiers and wives can also be seen as being implicitly wrong. The steps taken against him by the respective bodies cannot be seen as being enough. The various bodies should have made possible his arrest; a long time ago too. Joseph Kony’s tyrannical deeds have desecrated Northern Uganda for more than twenty years. He originally started as a hero to his people, but later turned to be worse than the same government he was fighting. 

Joseph Kony. Custom Joseph Kony Essay Writing Service || Joseph Kony Essay samples, help

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