Impacts of Image on the Viewer

Today, the evolutions of the digital camera have become significant. There are a lot of specifications for different types of digital cameras. Some operate on segments of storage on which they record video and take pictures of high quality, which can be seen because of magnificence and beauty, clarity and high fidelity. Furthermore, there are other details for cameras, such as lenses which enable every snapshot have the specially suited lens. Examples of the different lens are outlined below:

  1. Macro Lens used for small objects or organisms like insects.
  2. Normal Angel Lens characterized bydeliriouslensprovide awide-angleviewand depth of fieldhence used to shoot very large places.
  3. Wide Angel Lenseshavemany advantages. It capturesa wide area of the scene using its widedepth of field.
  4. Fish-eye Lens specially designedto give thefield of viewup to180 °.
  5. Telephoto Lens used to getgreat picturesofthe subject far from thecamera. It also givesalengthgreater than 50 mm hence its common use insportsphotographyandfilminganimals, birds andremotetargets.

These are the camera and types of lenses.

When taking pictures for any one or on a landscape, it is important to make it have effects that please the viewer. For purposes of editing such software like Photoshop, Light room and Photo Instrument can be used. Each of these programs has distinguishing characteristics. The Photoshop helps a photographer to make some changes on the taken picture. These changes involve color change, addition of shadow, mixing of picture layers and manipulation of the image to add different effects. “There are three key things for good photography: camera, lighting and Photoshop” (Banks).

Adobe Photoshop is a product of Adobe Systems that edited and developed it. Photoshop uses color models, which include Red, Green and Blue (RGB) and grayscale. Photoshop also reads and writes faster and changes image formats into forms such as EPS, PNG, GIF, and JPEG. Photoshop links with other types of Adobe software for media editing, animation, and authoring. Significantly, Photoshop saves time because it can process many raw images at once without destroying the image through editing which involves, including color settings, cropping, straightening and more. It is possible to process images while continuing with editing (Adobe Photoshop).

Some people could not understand how to use Photoshop for the reason of not understanding the tools and their significance. However, today the adobe company tries to support most languages in the world. Therefore, people can learn how to use Photoshop with their own language. Currently, Photoshop is now obtainable in Brazilian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English, among others. Adobe Photoshop helps tutors to prepare students to succeed through the provision of digital communication tools and skills required for today’s workforce. There are many online lessons for learning that Photoshop provides.

The second program named Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is used to manipulate colors and light; hence its name is “Lightroom.” The program can be used to give different effects of lights to satisfy a viewer of the picture. It can also make a picture appear old by not only using black-and-white colors, but also using gray and brown colors. There are three editions of this program. The edition of the first version was in 2007, the second edition on 2008, and the last and the best called Lightroom 3.0 in 2009. The latest program has noise reduction feature, improved sharpening tool, new import pseudo module, watermarking, new luminance noise reduction and point curve for the coolers.

The quality and nature of image matter most even before editing. Thereafter, using different tools, one can manipulate the image using such programs as light room to change color, reduce noise if it is a video, as well as sharpening of picture. Virtually, every tool that makes photos stunning is available.

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For a beginner in photography, it is advisable to use another program before coming back to lightroom for light effects changes and shadowing. An example of this simpler program is photoinstrument which has some sample tools that can be used for color change, sharpening and other changes.

Photoinstrument has tools so powerful and easy to learn graphics for an editor of digital photographs. Most problems in a digital photo can be solved by few clicks. This makes any photo look professional. The resulting picture enables an editor distinguish the quality before and after use of photoinstrument. Photoinstrumentis a recommendable easy–to-learn tool for editing and correcting photos.

Photos send messages in daily life. Images can be used in different arenas of life for different purposes. It educates, advertises or even expresses feelings. Images were used as a language in the ancient times. There is heritage in the preservations of language in the simple nature of pyramids in Egypt. Today, images can be used to learn another language. For example, an international student in USA uses pictures to learn vocabulary such as pen, umbrella and more. Oxford Picture Dictionary remains an excellent book that comes in handy while learning English.

Police have many cameras in a street not only to keep the citizens safe, but also to control and help them in investigations to find and arrest criminals. If, for example, a person is walking late at night in the streets and he or she gets robbed, it is easier for police to check the criminal using cameras. In this case processing and capturing, images helps in identifying the offender, and deliver the truth.

The use of three dimensional (3D) facial recognition can be used to take a picture in the dark since there is a possibility to distinguish a criminal at various angles of view reaching potential of up to 90 degrees (a face in profile). Police have a series of gadgets they use in this identification.

Most companies use advertisement to show out goods and sell it to people through the promotion of propaganda image like what is in television, magazines and the internet every day. Photography can also be used to show the talent in designing by expressing the collections using images.

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It is crucial to consider the effects of pictures or images to the viewers. Images give persuasion if exposed to somebody for a long time. This concept applies to marketing and even in the political campaigns. Images played a significant role in President Bush’s soliciting for support on issues regarding to terrorism; he used images of aircraft attack on World Trade Center.

Images can also be used to pass a warning message in health matters. The best example is the packaging of tobacco products. Despite, the reduction in profitability of tobacco companies, World Health Organization emphasizes the use of imagery for warning against tobacco abuse. Warnings appear in the form of pictures. The former CEO of British-American Tobacco commented that there is a debatable balance between business and health of tobacco abusers. The questions elicited by photos in the tobacco packages are important since it discourages abusers of the drug.

Imagery has different effects on the viewer. The impacts of the photos or images can be negative or positive. This explains the use of photos as a message in support of ideas or opinions to the public. As a recommendation for people who want to use images to give impact, it is essentially significant to embrace technology and design programs for high-quality photography.

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