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The Cask of Amontillado

The essay, gives a definition of peer review, and shows how the name of the main character in the story means wines by using evidence in the short story ending with conclusions and lessons from the story. Peer review refers to a process used for examining the work carried out by one’s peers to ensure it meets a specific criterion. Peer review is used in working groups since it is believed that equals can easily find out each other’s errors quickly, and easily hence saving on the time required for correction of mistakes.

In the short story, the cask of Amontillado, the author uses a number of different stylistic elements to conduit a given supernatural tone and theme. The short story is a horror fiction caliber based on the feelings of Edgar. It revolves around one man’s fascination with revenge and his arrangements on executing the revenge. The main character baits Fortunato by promising him wine and deceiving him, that he has found a rare vintage pipe of Amontillado. In planning his revenge, montressor has used the promise of wine to lure his victim into his trap. This is the first reason to believe that Montressor means wines.

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The man montressor is revealed the owner of the wine cellars; this can be the reason as to why his name means wines. He is able to pay his bills through the gains he makes from the sale of wine. He secondly capitalizes on fortunato’s pride as the wine king to trap him and finally realize his revenge motives. The sign made by Fortunato using the bottle of wine is another reason to believe that Montressor could interpret anything related to wine; therefore, he can also be known as wines.

Using the ability of wine to make an individual drunk Montressor successfully puts Fortunato to the tomb alive. When Fortunato sobers up, he shakes the chains in an attempt to escape. In the French language, the name Montressor refers to my treasure. Since the main author regarded the wine business and his life highly, it is also proven that the name Montressor means wines.

In society, today wine is expensive and therefore, a preserve of the elites. In the short story, Montressor is capable of tricking Fortunato and finally execute his ill intentions. Montressor is the elite in this story because of his success in deceiving Fortunato; therefore, his cleverness makes his name mean wines a drink of influential people in society.

Oppressively, Montressor drops a burning torch through an opening. He then says that he feels sick at heart, but overrules this reaction as an effect of the wetness of the catacombs. It is the wealth he has acquired from the business of wine that has made him inhuman. The bad effects that alcoholic drinks like wine have on people’s lives, for instance like making them commit suicide are the same like those of Montressor trying to kill people. Therefore, his name means wine because he affects people just as wine does indirectly.

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Montressor the murderer reveals that it was a period of fifty years after that night at the cellars when he killed Fortunato. Universally old wine is the best, and montressor waited for many years, supposedly for his words to have an impact just like the good taste of wine on its users. Since he used the concept of old wine to let his crime simmer, this is another reason to believe that his name means wine. Montressor with no guilt says that may he rest in peace, a statement that shows he might have been corrupted by his wealth and perhaps the drinking of wine for many years. As human beings, it is expected of us to be emphatic, but surprisingly Montressor registered no emotions over the death of fortunate. His lack of emotions makes it possible to believe his name means wines since wine has equally no emotions.

An expert of wine (fortunate) has difficult times not wanting to taking it all the time. The story in unfolds to lure Fortunato into the tunnels and into the restraints where he is put to death. The noble man Montressor then engulfs his foe with bricks and looks at him dying in a long and slow death. It is because of wine that Fortunato could not realize the warning of where the trowel was drawn from, since Montressor and wines work together against Fortunato; the name Montressor means wines (Griffith 34).

Some characters have pride in the short story cask of Amontillado. For instance, Montressor has much pride in his family heritage of the wine business, this also another reason to believe that his name means wine, since it is his shield and heart of all his life (Garrity 25).

The name Montressor means a monster, and since he uses wine to execute Fortunato’s murder, they therefore, mean the same thing. Montressor’s statement that he knows his vintages and having bought wine in much quantity, describes his love for wine and his powerful position in society. Moreover, wine is a spokesperson of Montressor since it communicates to the readers the success of Montressor in his acquaintances. There is also situation irony that helps to display the argument that the name Montressor means wines. This is where the name Fortunato means fortunate, but the character finds him unfortunate during an eventful night, inflicted by Montressor’s detailed understanding of his vanity about wine (Cutts 12).

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There are lessons learnt from the story cask of Amontillado the first lesson is not to trust an unreliable narrator. The narrator of this short story is therefore, mentally ill, making him unreliable. It is difficult to know what his scourge did to the character Fortunato making him want to kill him. It is clearly depicted in the story that killing someone is abundantly and unambiguously wrong. The story also raises a moral question that is revenge equal to justice, from the story it is clear that deranged mentality drives acts of revenge (Poe 23).

The short story cask of bitterness reflects the author’s personal bitterness with the war of the literati, which resulted from many articles, entitled the Literati that Poe had published. The story could also is extensively an application of Poe’s theory of perversity, which holds on, patent irrelevancies. The ending lines of the story may be troubling on trying to decide on what the motive of Montressor was. While other people may think that it indicates a guilty motivation for Montresor’s story, I detected alternative figures to which it is addressed. Concisely, the story Cask of Amontillado is a reflection of how illegal deeds or crime is part of the society and how alcoholic drinks like wine can contribute to their happening.

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