Experience on Psychodynamic Concept

Psychodynamic concept views the mind as having preconscious, unconscious and conscious parts. In this concept the mind consists of the following components: feelings, motives, conflicts, drives and instincts. Theorists in this field believe that a person is aware of only a portion of his thoughts. As a defense mechanism, the mind represses some negative feelings by setting them behind a barrier (Zastrow and Kirst-ashman 97). These thoughts are then thought to possess energy that springs out as irritant behavior and therefore, controls a person’s behavior though unconsciously. The other portion consists of the id, ego and the superego. The id in the unconscious is the basic foundation in which all the other factors of personality are built. Ego complements the id by giving a way of providing a means to satisfy what the id desires. Superego springs from society and surroundings, and it is the one that helps to determine if something is right or wrong. From this theory one can deduce that one’s behavior cannot be fully explained by the environmental factors in which one was brought up; since it is determined by a combination of factors brought about by inner instincts, some of which springs from the repressed feelings (Zastrow and Kirst-ashman 98). In this concept it becomes difficult to shape a person’s behavior by simply pushing them to comply; but an inner cognition is required to provide inner self motivation that will make them to be willing to comply (Nevid 288).

This theory is much of a common phenomenon in every day real life situations. Quite often we hear stories about people who were once reckless, careless and unfocused, in spite of the efforts by the parents, authorities as well as the general communities, who tried to convince them to change for good. However, all of a sudden, one day they wake up to make a decision to adopt a positive lifestyle. In my estate, a story of a certain man is an intriguing insight into this concept. He was a naughty and bully child in his early years; as the years progressed, he indulged himself into drugs. After rehabilitation, his father, a pastor at a local church, started a small transport firm for him. He operated it for sometimes but later engaged into illegal business, and the business was closed down. He was the worst child that could be. The story has been a mysterious puzzle for many who believed that with a strict role model father to look up to, he was bound to lead a positive life. He left his home place and when he came back, he was successive and focused. This again puzzled many. Right now he has a family and has started a new business, which is doing very well. He later confessed that he had a low self esteem and was indecisive, which made him susceptible to peers’ pressure. A closer examination of the scenario reveals that his father’s dominance revered the development of his superego component of the brain; and since he did not have enough confidence to confront him, he vented out his frustrations through drug abuse and negative lifestyle.

The above story is a perfect example detailing the concept of psychodynamic. A man was indecisive and had low self esteem due to the way he was brought up. A strict father, jail term and even the community around him could not stop his misconduct until he left his family. He had always yearned for a free life where he could work and think independently. Since he could not openly challenge his parents, he always had a constant battle in his mind, which he attempted to compensate through drug abuse and the negative lifestyle. This otherwise mysterious behavior can be perfectly explained by psychodynamic concept.

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