Homeland Security Inadequacy

The Homeland security group is a combination of harmonized state organizations in the United States of America. Their role is to stop terrorist assaults, minimize America’s susceptibility to terrorism, reduce damage, and help the citizens to recover rapidly from any attacks that may occur. Homeland security it gives protection to America’s sovereignty, territories, and domestic population against external attacks. Over time, this department has highly been criticized as being inefficient. Most of the American populace is usually in constant fright of attacks. This is in particular after the traumatizing event of the America bombing attacks in 2001(James, 2011).

Most people believe that this agency has not been properly trained to combat terror attacks or challenging situations. The citizens still live in fear of assaults and calamities. This is because this agency is not well prepared due to inadequate resources, training and personnel incase such events occur. The emergency response groups are not well coordinated, and most of their broadcasting facilities are not normally comprehensible. This department has been incompetent in handling various issues. For instance, it provides insufficient treatment to detainees who are HIV-positive at the immigration custody. The death rate of these detainees is on the rise due to negligence from this agency. In the occurrence of a catastrophic event, communication is usually not timely to the general public. In effect, many innocent people die and a lot valuable property destroyed (Martin, 2011).

However, most of the challenges faced by this organization are government oriented. For, instance, the government fails to provide enough funds needed at the security department .The efficiency of this agency needs to be proactively addressed, to be able to realize its objective of ensuring a safe and peaceful nation. In general, the preparedness to disasters and appropriate planning measures of the agency, need to be reviewed to restore hope to the citizens (Martin, 2011).



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