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Apple Incorporation

Explosion incidents have been experienced numerous times over the years. Some of the main causes of explosions are terrorism, gas leaks, industrial mishaps, and car accidents. One of the most memorable and recent explosions is at the Apple incorporation that occurred last May. Over a dozen people were injured, and two were fatal. Experts attributed the explosion to poor conditions in the factories that resulted in some machines exploding.

Another incident that has remained entrenched in the memories of people is the terror attacks of September 11 on America. In this incident, hundreds of people perished as the twin towers collapsed. According to forensic experts, the explosive devices planted in the buildings were used to initiate the explosion, but according to others, the explosion was caused by a plane crash. The explosion killed and injured numerous people, and the property worth millions was destroyed (Fisher, 1991).

Another incident is the bombing of Pan AM Flight 103, in1988 inScotland. The perpetrator intended to bomb the plane and crash it into the sea. The logic behind this was to eliminate trace evidence. Fortunately, the plane crashed on dry land making it possible for evidence to be collected and investigated. The investigation led to the conviction and imprisonment of Abdelbaset al-megrahi who initiated the bombing of Pan Am Flight.



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