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This particular journal article based on the effect of labor policies on fliers was written by Bill McGee, a highly respected and renowned writer in the economics and politics front. Bill McGee is an editor of the Consumer Reports. His background as an aircraft dispatcher licensed by the FAA gives him an edge in as far as the labor policies and airline industry is concerned The title of the article is “How airline labor policies affect all fliers - and the nation”. It is one of the sequels on the labor policies and how they affect Americans. This article was published on Wednesday, 4th January, 2012, a few days after the reports on the bankruptcy of American Airlines surfaced. This publication is spread across a four page journal, and it touches on the current labor policies relevant to the airline industry. It seeks to notify the public, stakeholders and all interested parties of the sequence of events in the industry that are largely unknown.

The title of the article is relatively vague, as it does not give any strong indication of the subject matter and body of the article. The title lacks the glitz it should have. It is not as catchy as it ought to be, and it fails to catch the attention of potential readers, who would have probably read this article, had it been headed by a strong and appealing title. The title talks about the effect of labor policies on fliers and the whole nation. Bill does not tell about the specific labor policies that are relevant to the issue being discussed. One would have thought that the writer should have focused on the stakeholders that are most affected by specific labor policies rather than stating the effect on the nation. In as much as the labor policies affect all recipients of the airline services, it affects the people differently and in varying proportions. This should have been highlighted in the title.

Besides, the objective of the article is not as apparent as it ought to be. One is forced to go through other publications on the subject matter to get an overview of the matter at hand. This forces the reader to go through previous publications. In this case, one would have to read previous articles on the bankruptcy of American airlines; therefore, this article cannot be viewed as a standalone project. Upon reading the title and introductory phases of this article, one should be able to identify the reasons behind the text. A better approach to it would be taking excerpts from previous works to explain the subject matter and provide continuity. The writer covers this by making relevant discussions on the labor policies and the issues affecting airline workers since he was once part of the airline fraternity.

The writer makes several assumptions; however, the quantification of the data in the journal is not accurate and flaw proof. The writer does not talk of any study carried out to come up with the results and conclusions made. He compares airline workers in the 80s to the current workers, but the criteria he uses to come up with the conclusion that present airline professionals and unskilled workers are going through the worst industry times are unfounded and unclear. He mentions benefit cuts, pay cuts and reduced hours as the basis of this assertion, but he does not make any attempt to quantify this with other records like pay checks, working hours and bonuses.

It is also important to note that no information was sought from airline executives, who would have provided more accurate information. Though his move to make a visit to the Maintenance Plant in Tulsa, Fort Worth is applauded, the writer should have gone ahead and interviewed the executives on tape and make quotations from them.

Consumer Reports. Custom Consumer Reports Essay Writing Service || Consumer Reports Essay samples, help

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