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Ozone increase in the troposphere has the effect of green house gases and as a pollutant due to climatic change and global warming, though it has an effect of enhancing the synthesis of vitamin D, a benefit of stratosphere depletion (Tevini, 1993). The depletion of the ozone layer has led to employ various ways of emissions to mitigate the depletion of the ozone. This is due to the negative effects which out ways the advantages of ozone presence in the troposphere and the reduction in the stratosphere. The changes that have occurred in the concentration of ozone gas in both stratosphere and troposphere have accrued effects to biological life in the earth’s service (de Gruijl, 1995). There are various effects that are caused by the presence of large ozone composition in the atmosphere.

Exposure to ozone is harmful in damaging plants and the health of humans. The UV radiations that reach the ground level have effects of sunburn which damage the skin. The skin absorbs the UV making it not penetrate further in the body. The defense mechanism of the skin against the UV radiation leads to the adaptation of the skin by thickening outer layer, and the development of pigmentations which serves to protect deep penetration of the UV radiations to the dividing cells. The molecular damage is then repaired through replacement with the every damaged ceils self destructing. The failure of this process can lead to make the immune system eliminate the aberrant cells by which its failure can lead to ensuing of real trouble (de Gruijl, 1995).

The eyes can be damaged by long exposure to the UV radiations as there is no warning, and awareness is realized when it is too late. Exposure to UV causes a reduction in clarity and sometimes blindness. The knowledge of the UV intensity requirement has hampered the estimation of the depletion of ozone in the stratosphere and increase in the troposphere on the long terms effects. The damages caused to the DNA by the UV radiations have been associated with the increased rate of skin cancer cases (Buzzlecom, 2011). The alteration of the DNA structure has consequently been associated with the depletion of the ozone layer that leads to increase in the concentration of the UV radiations in the earth’s surface. The growth of the non-melanoma cancer has been predicted to increase at a rate of 2 percent with every percent of ozone depletion. The increase of the melanoma skin cancer is associated with the damages that are caused by the UV radiation exposure (de Gruijl, 1995).

The immunity of the body is decreased with the exposure of the UV radiations. The natural ability of immunity to organism in fighting cancer related ailments. The depletion of the ozone layer will thus, increase cases of skin cancer due to exposure to the harmful UV radiation. The severity of the cancer will be grown due to increased exposure to the UV radiations.

The continued depletion of the ozone layer has an impact on the ecosystem due to exposure to the UV radiation. The reduced shielding to this exposure by the ozone layer has led organisms to cope with the small amount of harmful radiation that reach the earth. Thus, a significant exposure to these radiations due to the alteration of ozone composition can lead to effects to the ecosystem. There is a restriction of growth to some plants exposed to the harmful radiations as a result of the current UV radiation, though many plant species can respond differently to increased exposure by improved growth, adaptive mechanism, and reduced growth there effects can occur that restrict the flowering. The changes in the growth of plants can, thus, lead to a shift in the population and the biodiversity (Buzzlecom, 2011).

Ozone. Custom Ozone Essay Writing Service || Ozone Essay samples, help

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